I can do whatever I want

forwarded from a friend, found at adelaidecyclist.wordpress, and others

This has become the operative philosophy over the past few years. Take a big walking or biking trip and see what I mean.

ACA maps arrived in the mail. For someone who appreciates the simple road map, these are going to be great fun.  Water and tear resistant paper, elevation profiles, turn-by-turn directions (w/distance), access to towns and services including food and water, campgrounds, history and background.  With the amount of paper that would be required to carry proper map detail for the entire Great Divide, these maps are a great value.  And thanks to the ACA, the work of route selection through rural and federal lands is done.  From experience, USFS roads can be disastrously confusing at times, akin to a woodland maze.

2 thoughts on “I can do whatever I want

    • Hey Ericka, The maps I refer to here are for the Great Divide Route, which is an a route comprised of dirt roads and trails (with a bit of pavement) from Banff, Alberta down to the Mexico border through the mountains, roughly following the Continental Divide. This map is especially useful as I mention, because some of the roads travelled by this route would be hard to spot on anything but a very detailed map. The Great Divide is great for wild camping, small towns and interesting dirt roads.

      I have ridden sections of several other popular ACA routes without official maps, including the Northern Tier from MN to MT; the SouthernTier from Tallahassee to MS, and from Phoenix to San Diego; as well as the Pacific Coast Route. My routes simply corresponded with ACA routes by chance. Along these routes, you can expect to find more touring cyclists than would be found elsewhere, and people in town seem to know what’s going on (they have seen touring cyclists before, so it’s not entirely foreign).

      Yes, the ACA maps are great and are a huge value, especially to new cyclists. With some basic equipment, you could leave home with nothing but the ACA map and have a great trip. That said, grab a free highway map along the way and don’t be afraid of making your own detours. Most rural roads and highways I find are a pleasure to ride. I know the Southern Tier swings through El Paso and Silver CIty, but if you find yourself a little further north this winter, come visit in Albuquerque.

      I had be happy to answer any more questions as your trip approaches. Bon voyage.


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