The Trans-Canada Trail exists

Leaving Watertown left be a bit hopeless about the Trans-Canada Trail, which is disjointed and not often in any uniform direction, such as E-W).  Their website doesn’t offer a map view of all the trails for planning purposes; simply a list of trails names is given by province.  So, not a trans-anything for now, but several excellent trails have given me hope in the project.  In the last three days I have connected with four sections of trail, all varying surfaces from graded, crushed limestone to more rugged multi-use trails allowing ATV’s, snowmobiles, and dog sleds.  Technically, those trails that allow ATV’s are not associated with the Trans-Canada, but I can only imagine that many of these local trails exist due to their multi-purpose nature (include XC skiing, running/walking, I met some guys fishing and drinking, etc.).

I’m cruising along through rural Ontario as both strawberries and “fresh chips” seem to both be coming to harvest.  Fresh chips, as I learned, are deep-fried slivered potatoes, or french-fries.  “Chip trucks” are advertised all over the roadside.  In Wiarton, ON at the moment, thankful for a public library open on God’s day.  I prayed all morning for a computer, really. 

You know you are addicted too.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be logged onto the internet late at night reading this.

Tobermory tonight, to catch the 7AM ferry in the morning to the north side of Georgian Bay.


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