Montana is big

Headwinds. No complaints; my Aeolian fortune thus far has been noted. More free camping, more vast expanses, more US 2–still good.

Elevation has crept to 2200 ft in Malta, MT, which is not very high, but makes a difference. Corn no longer lines the horizon, but golden wheat fields and grasses. More importantly, Malta is far west of the 98th longtitudinal degree that informally divides the arid west vs. the temperate east.

Two Englishmen travel together on well-equipped Thorn Sherpas. They have been a little bit of everywhere including India, Turkey, Australia, and Japan. Nice to meet some bicycle kin. Surprisingly, I have seen three Thorn Sherpas (in two days) and no Surly LHTs (at all).

Montana is beautiful, and bountiful.





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