The Way to Go!


From Chris Harne, curator of the genuine Hoopty ATB.


2 thoughts on “The Way to Go!

  1. Three Speed Chris. I have followed his travels for quite some time, just as I now follow yours. That boy is a hammer-masher when he wants to be, and has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are sharing a dream he is having. Almost Witchcraft; but that is what Good Art is as far as I can tell. You ain’t doin’ bad yourself and you also got a cookbook goin’ on there.

    Americans have no idea how to eat. Dreams are fine, but me, I sleep better on a full stomach of good food.


    • Chris and I met while living in Key West a few years ago, and have kept in contact. I was impressed by the dude on the Raleigh Twenty folder with squeaky brakes (steel rims and old pads). He said that it would allow people to hear him coming. He also has the world’s greatest tattoo.

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