Hey kayak guys; the cost of the wild

It seems it is more expensive not to develop, than it is to develop. At the gates of destiny, I was asked how long I expected to take cycling to Jasper. I replied, “about three days, or so”. I thought he was being nice.

“Thirty dollars.”

Thirty fucking dollars to ride my bike to Jasper? Yes, I said it out loud.

“This is a national park, as is Jasper.”

Looks like a highway to me. I kept my mouth shut.

I turned around. Canmore is nice. There are two kinds of mountain towns: small towns in the mountains, and small cities that are healthy with tourists that think they are in the former variety of mountain town. Canmore is the latter. Even still, it is in the mountains, and it welcomes me without a fee. Are the mountains better in Banff? I’ll put half a geology degree to work here. No.

Moreso, a single dirt road exits Canmore, leading to a reservoir that feeds the Kananaskis River and eventually loops back toward my base last night. Part of that road may also be on the Divide route. Not sure, awaiting maps.

Hey kayak guys: I’m headed up the Spray Trail to the Kananaskis Lakes, then back down 40 towards Seebe and maybe even back to Calgary; all by Wednesday night when my mom arrives. Text 253-208-4780, or write nicholas.carman@gmail.com. We should do something, maybe involving water. Tuesday eve or Wednesday?

Sitting in front of Safeway, catching some wireless. That’s the valley I’m going up. Better than Banff.

Edit: Some locals alerted me to the Goat Creek Trail, a doubletrack trail from Canmore into the backside of Banff. We’ll see which way I go. I’m still disenchanted with Banff.


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