Day 1 1/2: Backcountry birthday cake


Keeping it simple today. I passed the Tobermory Forest Service cabin yesterday, a popular hang for Divide riders; woke up beside Blue Lake; and treated myself to a litre of whole milk and a stack of Alberta honey, peanut, sunflower seed, and raisin sandwiches– backcountry birthday cake.

For real, PB and raisin is more substantial (protein, fibre, and natural sugars), lighter, and more packable than jelly.

Yesterday included paved roads, busy provincial park dirt tracks, deserted forest service roads, and some powerline doubletrack trails.

And some more Europeans with full trekking kit: when you already have four panniers, what do you put in the other two hanging from your Extrawheel trailer? Rocks, I presume. At least I would; or firewood and brazing rod for backwoods frame repairs.

Tonight, shooting for a BC Forest Service cabin listed on the map; upscale accommodations for the big day. Tobermory Cabin reminded me of the cover of the Delaney and Bonnie album entitled “Home”, on Stax.

The hills are alive around here; wildlife and wildflowers, and timber and mines. Finally, I met a man on medical leave from a local mine. The company bought him a hybrid bicycle, which he begrudgingly rides daily for the sake of the “ticker”. He was skeptical of my travels, and of my fancy “adventure-quashing” maps, but he took down some information about the ACA and generator hubs. Still a spark of adventure in this northwoods resident.

My bike celebrates 26 years by rolling around in the dirt. Oh, at the heart of my food bundle yesterday was a persimmon. No small task to pack persimmons and plums amongst books and cookware.












3 thoughts on “Day 1 1/2: Backcountry birthday cake

  1. Delaney Bramlett gave me a Pygmy Angora goat a hundred years ago in Tujunga. It was an orphan, kinda like me at the time, and I bottle fed it for a few days before passing it on to the Sunland Goat Lady. Your pictures are dazzling.

    Since Queen Jacquie has anointed you, do we call you Sir Gypsy?

    • Duke of Whispering Pines,
      You are something else. I hope that you did bottle feed a goat in up in the hills, or else I’m missing a clever reference. Love that album; it’s a sweet bit o’ soul. Next few aren’t bad either, although diluted a bit by celebrity (esp. Motel Shot) Sometimes, more is not better.

      Singing some Kate Wolf, “Across the Great Divide” to warn the bears that a meaty treat is coming through. Also, Tallest Man on Earth, “The Wild Hunt”.

      Full circle: “A Day Without the Rose”, by Michael Mazochi, an acquaintance from my hometown in NY who conceived several albums while living in Tujunga Canyon.

      I’m still a homeless dude on a bike, officially. Unofficially, Sir Gypsy will do just fine. I allow only a short list of idols– most of whom ride bikes– so it made my day when the Queen arrived at my party.

  2. Har! No, It Is Just As I Told It. I may be a bit off on the time frame. Richard Brautigan advised Reasoning with Tigers. Might that not work with Bears?

    Me, I’ll take The Wild any day, as opposed to the Lions and Tigers and Bears that stalk the City Streets and those High Buildings.

    Stay the Course. Tim Joe

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