Road closures force swimming


Sections of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are closed to cyclists between 11AM and 4PM, to preserve to flow of traffic and “to protect cyclists from high-traffic volumes, and the precipitous cliff along the roadside”. What about the precipitous cliff of inactivity, heart disease, mental stagnation? My lips are sealed, but the National Parks have inflamed me more than once in the last few weeks. They may be “America’s best idea”, but they are not without flaw or fault– drive from afar, to then drive a scenic mountain road through a national treasure of wildness? Ed Abbey rolls in his grave; Jane and I count a lot of grumpy looking motorists.

Due to road closure, we swim, sunburn ourselves and launder our clothing in Glacier’s waters. Riverside– a few cups of coffee a nap make a day in Glacier.

A complete report upon returning to Whitefish.

The Park Cafe in St. Mary’s– on the park’s eastern edge– serves up home-cooked meals from an upbeat college aged staff in a dimly lit, screened in setting– Montana ambience and hospitality. Every meal ends in a slice of pie with rich Montana ice cream; the cafe logo proclaims, “pie for strength”. Agreed, with a slice of pie for breakfast.




One thought on “Road closures force swimming

  1. I’m Watching, Nick. Why the hell are automobiles allowed in National Parks? What Crazy Legislation would it take to force anyone who wants to See the Glory to do so with some effort other than Windshield Time? Cars in the National Parks are a Contradiction of Reality.

    Radical Thinking but as Obvious as Hell to me. You want to see this stuff, Ya Got to Earn It.

    Yer Buddy, TJ

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