Divide, divert, reunite.


20110906-034007.jpgI like riding my bike. I don’t mind riding alone. I prefer having a friend.

Believe my excitement when Lael gets on the horn to say she’s sick of the city life; Annapolis is over and done with. She also said some other stuff about how she shouldn’ta quit me and sent me packing…

I bought her a ticket to Bozeman, just twenty minutes ago. She shows up on Sunday, with a trusty green bike kinda like mine. We will Divide together.

There’s no moral to this story; no persistence or perseverance, love does not necessarily conquer all, and good things happen to bad people too. Sometimes a girl tires of her bike and is drawn to the lights of the city. And then sometimes she tires of the city and jumps on her bike. Capricious and whimsical, but ultimately decisive– we’ve been running this circus for awhile, and it works. Sometimes, you decide first and reason later. For now, we Divide.

When you don’t have a lot of stuff, it’s not hard to be on a plane this Sunday and in bear country the next day, which is a long way off from the lukewarm toxic stew of the Chesapeake and DC-area freeways.

I have been enjoying the free side of Missoula: FreeCycles, a free lunch at the well-attended Poverello Center, and a great library of cycling related books at ACA. I found several of Dervla Murphy‘s books in the ACA library– including her first– entitled “Full Tilt” which is an account of her solo cycling trip from Ireland to India in 1963-4. She carried a sidearm, which is awesome!, and probably more threatening than my baton-sized aluminum frame pump. Jacquie Phelan made Dervla’s acquaintance just a few days ago while in Ireland for the Single Speed World Championships, which is where I first heard of this exceptional woman, cyclist, and writer.

I touched one of Ian Hibell’s bikes in the basement of ACA on Friday– a decidedly dreamy week in bike world.20110906-034154.jpg20110906-034207.jpg20110906-034220.jpg20110906-034549.jpg20110906-034603.jpg

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