The road ahead; that time of year


Bozeman is about a hundred miles east of the Great Divide Route; the route south of Butte makes a meandering path around Yellowstone and Jackson, while the north entrance to the park lay about 75 mi to the south. This may be the perfect chance to tour the park as many tourists have left for the summer– it seems like the right thing to do. Further, Lael’s got a flight out of Denver in two weeks to visit friends in Seattle, so some more direct road miles should put us closer to that goal. Finally, summer is waning and our time will be better spent enjoying the more spectacular and scenic; the season for casually hanging out in the mountains is closing. Snow is becoming a possibility at higher elevations.

Beyond Yellowstone: Jackson, the Tetons, and some broad expanses of Wyoming. We may be looking for a way to fast forward through southern Wyoming and into Colorado.

Colorado sounds nice.


3 thoughts on “The road ahead; that time of year

    • It’s an SR MTS-100, from a 1984 Univega Alpina Sport. It originally had a black matte finish and 22.2mm clamp diameter. I gently worked the diameter out to 25.4 with assorted files and sandpaper, and used a wire brush on a buffing wheel to remove the black finish. The width of the two bar clamps exactly fit the width of the sleeve/clamp area on the Nitto Randonneur handlebars. For several reasons; including the Y shape of the stem, the dual bar clamps, and the steel quill– torsional flex is greatly reduced. It’s an experiment that solves only a minor problem with a tall Nitto Technomic, but I have enjoyed it. In addition, it makes strapping a sleeping bag to the bars easy.

      Other similar stems can be found on ATB’s from 84-86, mostly from
      SR and Nitto (Specialized branded).

      My High Sierra is many things, but rarely is it considered beautiful. Thanks (unless you were joking).

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