Gaining day, waning light



Six hours and nineteen minutes of sunlight today– almost four minutes more than yesterday. The day began ten degrees below zero, and the sun warmed the day to an even zero. A sunny day, although I didn’t get outside until noon; the afternoon felt like a prolonged sunset as I reversed the ride from a few days ago. The sun set, aside Susitna.

I got the chance to explore some of the singletrack out at Kincaid Park. Many of the trails are designated and maintained for skiing only, while singletrack multi-use trails open to bikes are called “social trails”. Thanks to walkers and snowshoers, the trails were well defined and well packed. Thanks to the trail designer and builders, they seem to have been drawn along the countour lines of the map, so that little elevation is gained or lost. Climbing in the snow on a fatbike is challenging, as traction is at a premium.

The cyclecomputer that came with my Pugsley is telling me that I have ridden over 1100 miles since I bought the bike a month and a half ago. If miles could talk, they’d swear that it’s been more. Some of those snowy miles have been difficult.20120114-191018.jpg20120114-191027.jpg20120114-191034.jpg




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