Pogies are in


I moved back across town this weekend, spilling over with two large backpacks, a saddlebag full of books and a computer, a pair of skis and poles. I am asked (too often) if it is challenging to ride a bike everywhere. I always say “no”, and always receive a look of disbelief in response. I suppose I’m not being asked, but told. Generally, I keep my mouth shut, but this is a Costco-sized can of worms and I don’t think anyone wants any; it’s an alphabet soup of ideas too unruly for the dinner table. I avoid serving soup for now, but people keep asking. Someone’s gonna get a big bowl.





Pogies arrived by mail. Less than thirteen bucks apiece from the infamous online retailer and with the purchase of two pairs, shipping fees are waived, even to Alaska. Black nylon shells encase fleece interiors with a pocket to store a heating element (or snacks). They secure to the handlebars with velcro straps, and are stiff enough to make entry while riding easy. They are properly proportioned, despite their intended use on ATV’s. Not quite $100 pogies, but better than $13 pogies should be. Branded: “QuadGear”. Made in China, of course.




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