Riding bikes to get places: Feb. 6th at the Bayshore Club, Anchorage, AK






From crosstown to cross-country; we once rode to work and back, then a day trip to Seattle on single-speed bikes when we couldn’t afford the bus fare, then everywhere else we could think to go including France, Mexico and much of the United States. This winter, we moved back to Anchorage for some in-town adventure, commuting everywhere on fatbikes and studded tires. You’ll hear about the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route and the Coastal Trail; the sidewalk on C Street and the bike path along the Seine in Paris. We’ll have our fabikes with us if anyone hasn’t had a chance to ride one, and we love to talk about touring bikes and gear. Join us at the Bayshore Club next Monday, February 6th for the monthly meeting of the Anchorage Adventurers Meet-up Group. Potluck dinner starts at 6 PM followed by our presentation at 7 PM.

-Nicholas and Lael


6 thoughts on “Riding bikes to get places: Feb. 6th at the Bayshore Club, Anchorage, AK

    • Ha. I’ll throw in a garlic clove and get the keys for the town hall so you don’t wake up a Gregsicle. In the third photo, we are cresting Boreas Pass about a cold twenty minute descent before meeting in you in Como.

    • We’ll be riding back to midtown after the talk if you are coming back that way. If not, it’d be fun to meet sometime. I’d love to see the half-fat 1×1; it looks very capable, and green. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Which tires are those with the curious sidewalls? Of course, the Nokians read “Deserve Them”, which probably makes a little more sense in Finnish. Also, thanks for the “Klunking” video you posted. It looks like Charlie Kelly is riding an early Breezer, c.1979 or 80.

    • It may just be dirt on the face, but it was an awesome hat tan. Add to that a sock tan and a cut-off t-shirt tan. When a shirt grew an ever-expanding hole and we spent three parched days crossing the mountains west of Loreto, I got an epic “hole in the back of the shirt tan”. By the time we got to the next town after endless washboard and bumpy mountain roads, I was banned from wearing the disappearing shirt.

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