Technicolor breakup

An Iron Curtain of hard won snowbanks and solid ice parking lots are failing in the face of forty degree days and sunshine, and some old fashioned ice chipping. The banks are falling like dominoes, calving into mud puddles, and retreating as fractured icebergs. As if a switch was flipped, the weather got warm and the nights have barely refrozen the day’s melt. Studs chatter on pavement and fenders are a necessity. It’s almost time for regular town tires again. To most locals it’s called breakup season, but to cyclists it’s fender season.

I’m exercising a new camera in a scene of mud puddles and micro-icebergs. By surprise, it’s a really beautiful time of year. An exciting new project is in the works; check back on Friday.

9 thoughts on “Technicolor breakup

  1. It was Murray. The hard-ass stingray was built up from some kid-sized Murray bicycle. The early Schwinn versions had curved top tubes and the Murrays had straight tubes, giving them a harsh look that I also want to say were called Mustangs. This is vague and probably wrong but Cap Varley ran a post just now that brought it all back. I would look into it but it is happier and more better comforting to think that in my dotage I am all-wise and knowledgeable.

    Sad that not everything is documented. Or not.

    yer pal, tj

  2. As a footnote, while I was dwelling on this comment, I remembered that the kid who had that bike was named Billy Rambo. And while it inflames the imagination, his big brother was named Johnny Rambo. He went off to Vietnam and I don’t remember if he came back. I would happily admit to making all of this up if Bruce Springsteen were not on the radio just now singing what song?

    You cannot lie to a gypsy.

    Magic everywhere…

  3. I’ve been meaning to comment on this post. First, I was actually in Bethel, AK one year when the river was breaking up. I’ve never seen anything like it. So cool.


    • Mary, Those bars are awesome. Almost daily, Lael looks me straight in the eye and confides, “I love my Marys”. Every bike ride is a revelation to her. As a result, I can’t keep myself from praising the virtues of “swept-back bars” to everyone around me. I seem to prefer the bars with 25-65deg sweep such as the Mary, Origin8 Spacebar, Jones H-Bar (the real one, not the Titec version), VO Tourist, Ragley Carnegie, Surly Open Bar, etc. This range includes some “North Road” style bars, which seem to be more like 60-80deg. The mid-range feels really natural in my hands and still gives good control in technical situations. Actually, some of the Wald bars feature really optimal bends, both rise and sweep. I instruct others to let their hands rest at their sides to observe a natural arm/hand position. It’s usually somewhere between 25-65deg.

      Second, I love big puddles.

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