Dovetail Bicycles

For those that sleep out under the stars and buy reduced price ripe bananas because they’ll be eaten on the sidewalk outside the grocery store in the shade of a loaded bike.  Bananas are still better than energy bars.  For people that push their bikes on occasion because they’re doing things the bike isn’t supposed to do, like climb a twenty percent grade on gravel with camping equipment.  For us, the casual misfits that choose to ride a bike to get places.  Dovetail Bicycles is the result of experience on the road and inside the bike industry, and they’re stocking bike stuff for people who love adventure.  They’ll keep you dry and they’ll hold your stuff.  They will cook you eggs and coffee in the morning, and whittle a stick for your marshmallows in the evening.  Dovetail has got the basics covered, and will be adding to their inventory daily.  The thing that separates Dovetail: they actually ride bikes.

I’ve written some inspired articles on bike travel over on the Dovetail page and will be posting over there on a regular basis.  Check out my article on packing light, “Take a load off”; and my recipe for adventure, “Slow biking”.  If you’ve been following me here for a while, you’ll appreciate some of the goods they’re stocking as well.  Get a 64 oz Klean Kanteen, an Esbit alcohol stove, and a shiny Velo Orange Passhunter Rack to support your basket or saddlebag.  Pile it atop an old ATB like my High Sierra and you’ll have your own gypsy jalopy in no time.

Slow biking, like slow food, is an intimate and creative process of discovery and craft.  Slow food is not necessarily slow, and does not exclude high-heat searing, blanching, broiling, saute or flambe and slow biking does not exclude riding fast and far or climbing hard and descending rapidly.  Rather, slow biking is finding pleasure in the process: expertly packing your bags in the morning, seeking sinuous dotted lines on the map, inquiring locally about conditions and savoring the spoils– the meal– which may be riding the spine of an Appalachian ridgeline with farmland and forest in either direction. If a map is a recipe, consider following the recipe loosely, looking to it for suggestions when necessary and changing it when an idea arises. Somewhere between knowing exactly where you are and being completely lost, is adventure, and a great meal.  Visit the Dovetail Blog for more…

2 thoughts on “Dovetail Bicycles

  1. Thanks for the support, TJ. The Dovetail thing really hits it home for me– unpretentious bike camping gear for real life. I speak of “traveling light” all the time, but it’s worth noting that I don’t weigh my gear or my bike. Traveling light, for me, is selecting highly functional gear whose weight will never be questioned, in virtue of it’s personal use value. It’s a state of mental levity and simply not carrying tons of useless shit. As an example, I’ve been carrying a steel spoon and an enameled steel mug since fall 2008. They’re not Lexan or titanium, but they work good and I never question their use value. Weight? Who cares. I got legs.

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