A road diet

Little jewels in rugged country: raspberries along the Flathead River, B.C., Canada.

…I eat food; mostly normal food, and sometimes lots of food. While touring I enjoy a variety of foods from a mundane handful of salted peanuts and a swig of water to extravagant dinners cooked with friends over multiple stoves in the backcountry.  These meals are the best, as we share secret delicacies from our unpacked bags– chocolates, cheeses, cinnamon and cilantro….Everything I know about cooking and digestion and nutrition, I learned on the road.  More on the Dovetail Learn page…

4 thoughts on “A road diet

  1. Great article nick! For me, food has often been overlooked on the road. However, with my recent pocket rocket purchase and REI acquired cook set, I have found myself concocting my own delicious one-pot meals too! Turns out to be quite satisfying at the end of a long day on the road. Cheers

      • Yeah! I did that one around four weeks ago! It was an adventure. I drove to Chehalis due to time constraints, and then picked up the trail at it’s start. 112 miles of mainly crushed gravel and a few miles of asphalt. Had a few back tracking incidents due to washed out bridges. A little bike carrying here and there because of fallen trees. One bone chilling night, and awoke to a tent lightly dusted with snow in south bend. And then road back in some of the thickest fog I have ever ridden in. All in all, It was a fun little one niter. Big plans you say? I am intrigued! I also have some plans in the making. Options 1 sends me down the oregon coast on 101, with a train ride back. Option 2 puts me out on some single track in eastern washington. Haven’t decided which of the two I want yet.

  2. Option 1 is certainly a great ride and you’ll meet some other cyclists this time of year. Option 2 sounds great; John Wayne Pioneer Trail, or something else? When are you going? Maybe you ride to Missoula on JWPT and we’ll meet in June? Wanna meet up for some riding this summer?

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