Cracked skin knuckles from washing hands in Dawn and Gojo a dozen times a day, repairing broken axle Mongeese and other sub-bike shop bikes, ridden hard all winter.  Next, assemble a twenty five pound full-suspension twenty niner.  Everyone drools over themselves, picking it up with two fingers by the saddle and handlebars.  “I guess it’s neat”, is my usual response to these kinds of things.  I’ve freed myself from the reigns of Sheldon and Grant and Jobst and Jan, but I’m still not swallowing 25 lb. twentyniners with a single fork stanchion and a proprietary stem with only one aftermarket option.

Not much outside time these days, but plenty to come.  I’ll be warming my face, heading south into the day’s sun.

7 thoughts on “South

    • I have come to appreciate some of the features of carbon fiber and aluminum; suspension has a place, as do narrow road tires; but mostly I think a simple bike with large volume tires are the best. For pavement, 30-40mm is a nice range; 40-50mm on dirt roads and tracks, and bigger and bigger for rough terrain and flotation.

      I find myself saying “it’s neat” a lot at the bike shop.

    • Sean, I’ve been missing them all winter. Most of the winter riding has been sloppy and slow and technical, and wide upright bars have been ideal. However, I never wanted to spend my money, knowing that eventually I;d be back on the road. Now that I’m riding faster and further, drop bars feel necessary. I am hesitant to “sell” others on drop bars because if they are poorly fit they can be miserable, but I love them. Relatively near to the saddle and just about saddle height is good for me.

      I prefer a medium depth bar with a round profile and a little flare. My favorites are the Nitto Randonneur (25.4 and 31.8 clamp), the VO Randonneur (26.0 clamp), and the Salsa Cowbell (31.8 clamp).

      How is the Aspen? Have you seen my High Sierra recently? I haven’t heard from Ben. Hopefully he didn’t sell it for rent money. Meh, just a bike.

      Btw, I’m listening to a great song on repeat. A version of “Atlantic City”, originally by Bruce Springsteen but recorded by The Band in the 90’s. Levon Helm died about a week ago, who was the drummer and a sometimes singer and songwriter for The Band. Check out my friend Kyle’s blog at and check his post on April 19. Listen 10x. rinse, repeat. Kyle is one half of Dovetail, and a friend from VO.

      Also, if you haven’t seen it, watch “The Last Waltz”: the final concert of The Band, filmed by Martin Scorcese and featuring lots of amazing guests.

      • The aspen is done….sad really. It is complete, and i love every part of it. It is capable and readt for almost anything, and I hope to put that to the test this summer. I have seen the High Sierra, and It says HI! It is doing well and seems like it is being treated well( aside from being a little dirty). I have seen It shuttleing another pilot around a couple of weeks ago, but i think it was Bens roomate…. the guy was riding on the sidewalk down North I street….ugh. But, At least it is seeing some miles.
        I have heard that song, but it has been a long time. I think I remember liking it. Cheers

    • Glad to hear Alex got the job. Goose Lake is a beautiful setting, but I think he’s got the better place. In the summer, it’s called “Goose(poop) Lake” for all the resident geese.

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