A Sunday in Hell

A videographic celebration of bicycle maintenance.  Don’t wait until the chain squeals to give the bike love; daily affection will do well to maintain the amorous connection between cycle and cyclist.  A soft-bristled brush is like a fine champagne for your bike.


The complete film is a narrative of the 1976 Paris-Roubaix event, full of colorful cycling caps and wool jerseys, Campagnolo Nuovo Record equipment, Eddy Merckx and an aging Raymond Poulidor.  French labor demonstrations interrupt the race at several points; Eddy Merckx obsesses over saddle height; and, “a rare steak is a good breakfast for what lies ahead”.

1 thought on “A Sunday in Hell

  1. Hey Nick! I recently bought a Bridgestone trailblazer. I think its a late 80’s model. Havent had the chance to look it up yet. However I am super excited to build it up. I bought the frame and fork for $40 bucks at the UPS bike swap this past weekend. I have a nitto MX-8 stem and some nitto riser bars I think I want on it, But in the back of my mind I’m thinking Bullmoose bars. I put some alexsrims on it with 2.10 Cheng Shin MTB tires, but i think I can go bigger with the rubber. I excited to get this thing on some fun weekend trails. Hows the plans coming along?

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