Go looking

Days more than twelve hours, especially when gaining daylight, are optimistic. The losing days of fall and winter with less than twelve hours create well-defined constraints. In Alaska, the sun is awake for 16 hours and we are gaining day. Now is the time to leave home. Now is the time to go. This is the touring season.

I leave in a week, although my bike as I’ve planned it is incomplete. My bags are not packed and I hardly know where I am going, but I know that being on a bike in a week is right. In usual fashion, I’m “putting the cart before the horse”. Decide, then describe. I make decisions based upon a whim or a whiff of curiosity. Later, I define the details. Decide to get on the bike, buy the plane ticket, or quit the job first– then, figure out the details as they become relevant.

May 1st marks the day that the snow is almost all gone, 16h 17m 12s of sunlight, and almost six months since arriving in Alaska. I am drooling over long summer days, and working indoors repairing bicycles for others isn’t really doing it for me. My experience on the Great Divide Route last summer has me looking for more.  In a week, I’ll go looking.

8 thoughts on “Go looking

      • Cass and I talked about the half fat some on the Coco. We both want to hear how you get on with it. Are you starting down south? Patti and I will start in Banff in mid June, hopefully our paths will cross somewhere.

        Did Cass tell you his profile cage on the fork broke? They may be OK on the downtube but apparently not strong enough on the fork.

      • Gary, the Profile Kage is not a sure bet. I’ve broken a few, although for $5 I’ve been satisfied. Any load will be more secure on the frame and they’ve been fine on the main part of the frame. Any load on the side of the fork blades will experience some serious torsion, especially on rough terrain. I’m kinda bummed that the Salsa Anything Cage isn’t more robust either. I broke mine within a week when a pant leg caught a wing.

        I’ve solicited a few companies to make a steel cage to fit larger bottles. Still, mounting 2-3 lbs. to the fork with two M5 bolts is a little precarious, especially when riding dirt.

        See you in Montana.

  1. Cass broke an Anything Cage too. We’re assuming it hung up an a rock, there was plenty of opportunity to on Coco. He wasn’t aware that it did though, if it happened it wasn’t significant. Pretty disappointing that they aren’t more durable. Does Salsa warranty them?

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