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Open invitations all summer– I’m leaving in a week without a definite plan.  The nearest thing to a plan even sounds too grandiose for me to swallow, or to share.  Nonetheless, you’re all invited.  I’m hoping to meet some of you this summer between Alaska, Alberta, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Viejo Mexico.  In the next six months, I will be in most, but probably not all of those places. You are invited to suggest new routes.  You are expected to offer a shower and a host in a faraway city; perhaps a cousin or college friend that lives amidst the spiny midcenter of the west.  Most of all, you are invited to ride bikes with me for a time.  I’ll be riding alone for a period, and Lael will be meeting me later this summer.  My schedule is wide open so if you’ve got a schedule I can work around, I’ll make it happen.  Want to bike the Canada or Montana portion of the Great Divide?  How about the Colorado Trail in July or August?  The Kokopelli Trail and assorted Moab area routes?  The AZT?  Baja on a fatbike?  How about the Copper Canyon?  Maybe you want to knock down some miles on the AlCan next week.  The sign up sheet is here.

What are your summer touring plans?

17 thoughts on “Open source touring

  1. I’ll be in the Fe most the summer so if you guys come to the land of enchantment you’ve got showers etc. Have fun!

  2. Nick, I want to plan something big…..ish……well, big for me. I have like a month to spare. I would like to hit some single track with you if possible. I am not sure where we would meet up, but I have a few bones set aside for a plane ticket or two. I suppose I am searching for some ideas. got any? I think the free month would be starting in august or late july.

      • Sean, We’ll be in touch. July and August might be the best time to meet. At least, that may be some of the best riding. It will be a fat tire month for sure, so get some 2.1’s on the Aspen, at least. Anyway, the Colorado Trail is likely, as well as some more fun dirt riding. Pack light, ride well, and sleep even better is the idea.

      • Sweet! I’m so excited! I actually have a bridgestone Mb-6 I acquired st bikeswap that I plan to bring to CO. it has some knobby 2.125’s and is supper comfy and fun to ride. I got those swift panniers for the tour but I plan to keep them as light and quiet as possible. So, for me this is a
        definite plan.

      • Sean, Lael is figuring out her schedule. I am considering taking more time on my way down to CO, to start the CO trail in mid-August as she will be touring in France for a bit this summer. Or, she may meet me elsewhere (UT) and I would ride CO trail in July as planned. Keep in touch. There is lots of good riding all over the West for us.

        MB-6 sounds like the big brother to the Aspen.

        • It certainly is the big brother, mr Grant Petterson did a fine job with that one. Anyways, like I said before late july is fine for me, but august might be my money maker. Either way, as it approaches I’ll contact you about definite flight dates. I’m pretty flexible as far as dates

  3. Pacific coast highway all of june. Lots of icecream and swimming. Hop on in.

    Might be able to make baja the last week of june. What’s your guess?

    Let me know where else and i’ll check my
    Contact book for showers


  4. PCH is a dream. I’ve got people in Seattle, Tacoma and Vashon if you’re in the Puget Sound area. Baja may not be until fall, if at all. The idea is for a fatbike fantasy in Baja and/or the Copper Canyon. Are you riding the purple randomonster?

  5. Nick, new info on my plans. I have a ticket home(Maryland) from July 4th to the 18th. So after that, I am absolutely free through August. Hope to catch you on the Colorado trail.

    • July, sometime after the 18th works well for you? I’m beginning to formulate a broad plan for the summer. We’ll work it out. Fly into Denver I suppose. Frontier and Southwest have good bike policies; neither have surcharges for bike boxes.

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