Lining up ducks (FREE BEER)

I’m busy lining up ducks and dotting “i’s” and knotting loose ends. I leave, finally, this coming Monday or Tuesday. A gathering will take place at my house on Sunday evening, 6:30 PM. Bikes, burgers and beer will be present. Will you? Ride your bike for a free meal and a beer. Motor vehicle parking is limited, and costs $20 (payable in cash or check, to me). If you’re anywhere near Anchorage and don’t know where I live, email me at

If you have a fun bike or a favorite bike or a weird bike, ride it.

8 thoughts on “Lining up ducks (FREE BEER)

    • Phone it in! We had a great time last night. Also, we spent the weekend cycling up to Talkeetna with a big group charity ride– easy riding and lots of aid stations.

  1. I realize your itinerary does not encompass my little hide-out here in East Central Florida; but if it did you would be most welcome and I would feed you most prodigiously. Happy trails and I look forward to your tales from the road and beyond. Fair Winds, Nick!

    yer pal, tj

    • Prodigiously? I imagine a cold pot of beans and warm beers.

      Thanks for the invitation. I’ll be back to your corner someday, but for now it just sounds like a really long ride. I think Florida would be a great place to tour on an old balloon tire cruiser with a big basket, as there are so many nice cycling paths and flat roads. Balloon-tire Trailer Park Tour in the future?

  2. Unfortunately I don’t live anywhere near Anchorage. Severna Park, MD is only slightly closer than FL. I’ll have a beer tomorrow and your honor and look forward to reading about your trip as you have the opportunity to post it. Bonne Route!!

    • Thanks Mike, I was out of town for a charity ride this weekend (my first), and am arranging my last few ducks in line with the others. My bike is still a work in progress as I can’t decide if I should ride half-fat, full fat, or baby fat. Eventually, it will be full fat.

  3. Hey Nick, I am going to buy a ticket for monday July 23rd to Denver. I’ll try to schedule it for early in the day. I just found out I have drill that weekend, or I would be flying out there a few days sooner. Does that still work? If not, let me know amigo. Oh! and any ideas on tires for my stead? I havent decided which bike to bring yet. Either way, they both have the same clearance as far as tires go. I am thinking around the 2.10 range. What do you think?

    • Sean, That sounds fine. As the date approaches, I’ll tune my agenda and will find may way toward Denver. 2.1’s sounds great. I don’t think a bigger tire would fit well, although that would depend on your frame, specifically. I like the Schwalbe touring tires for durability and some of the micro-knobbies such as the WTB Nanoraptor, Kenda Small Block Eight and the Continental Race King for their ride quality. The Geax Saguaro is an inexpensive option, as is the CST Copperhead and others from CST. For exclusive dirt riding, a more aggressive tire would be appropriate as well. You can’t go wrong, as we’ll mostly be riding dirt.

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