Surly Pugsley for sale (SOLD)

A 2012 16″ (SM) Surly Pugsley snowblind white frame and fork with upgrades is for sale. This bike was ridden in the snow, and has only seen pavement and dirt on a few commuting rides this spring.  It was purchased in December.

Wheels, brakes and drivetrain parts are stock, including Avid BB7 brakes, Truvativ Hussefelt crank and Deore 9sp drive parts.

Upgraded parts include a Cannondale stem with 31.8mm clamp and a Salsa Bend 2 handlebar (31.8mm clamp, 17deg sweep). The spacer mounted brass bell is included; the pedals are not.

The Revelate framebag is included in this price and has never been used. These bags are currently out of stock.  We can negotiate a price without the bag, if you’d like.

The bike is listed on Craigslist for $1350 with everything pictured (except pedals).  It’s $1250 for anyone that saw it here.  Tell your friends.

For those that are wondering, Lael will be traveling to the UK for a month-long intensive yoga teacher training in June.  She will then be traveling in France and Corsica, on foot and on a borrowed bike.  Upon returning to the States, she will meet me in the Southwest for two-wheeled exploration.  The cost and complication of shipping her Pugsley outweighs her attachment to it.  She’ll be looking for another bike when she returns to the US.  She’d like a hardtail 26″ or 29″ mountain bike, or another fatbike with lighter wheels.  She thinks she would “kill it” on a 26″ hardtail with 2.3″ tires.  I’m still voting for a full fatbike.  Her growing obsession with minimalism has shed a few more pounds from her touring baseweight and a lightweight build would suit her well.  Anymore, she’s packing a 1lb 2oz sleeping bag, a puff jacket, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and an apple.

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