Bike to everywhere, every day

Gainfully unemployed, I had plenty of time this morning to hunt Bike to Work Day feed stations.  One popular station on the Chester Creek Trail was stocked with bacon, courtesy of the Spenard Roadhouse; cinnamon rolls from Great Harvest, and vouchers for a free beer at the Midnight Sun brewery this evening.  Bacon in the morning and beer in the evening and bikes all day.  Bikes every day.  Bike everywhere, every day.

Lael receives her bacon.  Lael saves her bacon for later.  I wrapped my bacon around a cinnamon roll and ate it immediately.

Backpacks, old Rockhoppers and high visibility clothing all made a good showing.  Two matching riders breezed by on a 5 speed Schwinn Twinn on C Street, while a late 80’s Sierra with a 16 inch tall stem took the bus.  A carbon Ridley cross bike with tubular tires shared a resting spot with an old Bridgestone MB-1.  The purple Pugsley with the smooth tires and the “racing” handlebars confused at least two people.

3 thoughts on “Bike to everywhere, every day

    • Yeah, the Spenard Roadhouse really knows how to dish it out. It sounds like a podunk diner, but is really a hip urban eatery. They have a rotating bacon special every month, served as a small appetizer or “share” plate. They also have an extensive collection of bourbon and a nice beer list. Instead of fries, they serve tater tots. The Super Tots are recommended. It’s your kind of place Sean.

      Holy Rollers sound great. They will roll fast, but the 2.2″ size should help smooth some bumps and give you traction when it gets rough. A round 2.2′ tire like that is perfect for an older ATB, which generally has clearance for 2.1’+, but not quite the massive clearance of modern MTB’s.

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