The cabin

Lots of families have them, especially in places like Maine and Minnesota and Alaska where glacial lakes abound and summer is precious.  My residence for a night, this cabin is a snapshot of life several decades ago.

The homely subtleties abound, including the lineup of hats advertising local bars, chainsaw manufacturers, and trucking companies.

A thick pot of coffee served with pork and beans start the day.

Remember that one time…

The draw has always been the location, and the lake’s crystal waters.

The midnight sun saturates the northern sky across the lake.  Linger on the deck, the sun hanging in the sky.

Midnight.  Denali and Mt. Foraker peer above the horizon.

Never dark this time of year– 2:30 A.M.

Absent the familiar bedtime cues, we roll into bed midway to morning.

Looking ahead:  There are only a half-dozen major highways in the state, but this area has a few interesting unpaved spur roads.  The Petersville Road extends about forty miles from Trapper Creek (mile 115 on the Parks Hwy) toward the south side of Denali National Park and accesses the historic Cache Creek Gold Mine.  The Denali Park Road, further north, reaches ninety miles westward on the north side of the Alaska Range to Kantishna.  Further north, the Stampede Trail reaches westward from the Parks Highway in a narrow finger of state land, disintegrating into multiple game trails, surrounded by Denali NP on three sides.  Across the Teklanika River on the Stampede Trail is the famous site of ‘the Magic Bus”, where Christopher McCandless spent a reclusive season as made public in “Into the Wild”.

The Denali Highway leaves the Parks Highway toward the east, and will be my eventual escape route out of the state.

6 thoughts on “The cabin

  1. Love this post…go figure! We head to enjoy the wonders of Crystal Lake in the morning after the tomatoes get planted. Hey, wait a minute. You were going to tend the garden this year! What happened to that plan?

    • We had a great time at the lake. It’s a cold swim this time of year, but refreshing.

      As for the tomatoes, it seems I’ll go to great lengths to avoid helping out around the house.

  2. That is a beautiful spot! Reminds me of Crystal Lane camp in Maine with hats, wood stove and pristine waters! However, the view and these pictures are incredible! So much for the garden tending plan! I am surprised you are beyond danger of frost already in Anchorage and tomatoes are in! Just put tomatoes in also!

    • Reminds me of Maine as well.

      I’m not sure we had really solidified our distribution of gardening duties yet. However, I do recall being told that I would plant the garden this year, to which I responded, “Oh yeah?”. Seems I got out just in time.

  3. You aren’t on the road yet? I’m leaving Del Norte on Wednesday and heading north. I’ll drop you an email when we hit MT and see if we can meet up. Ride safe!

    • Gary, I am on the road, and the cabin was on the way. I’ve loosened my schedule to include some dirt roads in AK. I’ll be riding in Denali NP this week, then headed south-ish. I’ll still run into you somewhere, as long as you don’t make Patti ride as much as you usually do. I had a great day on the Pugs, mostly on pavement. In it’s current form, it’s capable and versatile.

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