The best road in America


It exists so that tourists could experience the wilds of Denali without enduring a month-long trek into the soggy backcountry, many decades ago; it remains unpaved thanks to the steadfast efforts of Adolph Murie, who first rescued the park’s wolves from misunderstanding; it remains untravelled by private motor vehicle traffic, thankfully, for our benefit.  There are many pleasant and cycleable tracks in this country, including rural routes, rail-trails and canal trails, and even other national park roads, but the Denali Park Road might be the best road in America.  This time, they got it right.

846WP 2





4 thoughts on “The best road in America

  1. Nice post and you’ve almost talked us into riding the “best road in America.” Please add us to your spot so we keep track of your ride. Have fun!

    • I’ve got some more photos of the ride that I plan to post soon. Hopefully that will convince you.

      There are some good climbs, but none are horrendously steep. A normal mtb/touring triple would do just fine, and tires bigger than 32mm are recommended. Actually, you could ride Lael’s Surly LHT, or the Schwinn. There is a free shuttle to Savage River where the pavement ends, or the green buses can drop you off and pick you up anywhere. You could ride the best 20 or 40 miles of the road, from Eielson Visitor’s Center back towards the park entrance, for instance. That way, you wouldn’t have to carry anything and you could be in and out in a day. There are several lodges at Kantishna as well.

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