Dave and Sarah

2148WP 2

Just don’t call them Australian.  They’re English, dammit.

Dawson City is a great place to wash off the dirt from the Top of the World and to load up on groceries and supplies for the road ahead–it’s at least four or five day to Whitehorse with only a few small towns in between.  Dawson is also a great place to drink some beer on the solstice and it’s nice to have some new bike friends for the occasion.  David and Sarah flew to Anchorage from England and have followed a circuitous path to Dawson, as I have.  They’re headed south along the Great Divide Route and on to South America over the next year.

It’s also nice to have some new bike friends when you misplace your bike.  Oh yes, by the river.  Just as I left it.


And for photographic remembrances.  Trying to get it just right…


2157WP 2

Perfect.  Well, good enough.


The cyclists I meet get much stranger than Dave and Sarah, but none much nicer.

2179WP 2

They’ll be on the road for the next year on their way to Argentina, riding shiny new custom Robin Mather touring bikes.  David’s got a template in the mail to Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket for a custom frame bag so that he can send his front rack and panniers home.  It may seem a small matter, but Sarah’s burgundy Mather is wearing some 26 x 1.75″ Schwalbe Marathons, which are my favorite touring tires.  Proof that normal people go cycletouring as well, keep up with them on their humble blogsite 5monthstomexico…?.

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