Cowboy coffee

Twice a day, every day.

I’m soaking up the sun and making the most of tailwinds; oh how fortunes change.  Consecutive hundred milers have me on my way to Missoula, and if I find a few extra minutes I’ll catch some of the Divide on the way down.  Jasper, AB tomorrow, then south on the Icefields Parkway.



4 thoughts on “Cowboy coffee

    • The future, minus about 60 miles a day. Save your pennies for some cooling summer treats, because with two people it’s practical to split half-gallons of ice cream on a hot day or cold six packs of beer. Alone, either of those is a bad idea. See you soon.

  1. I wondered how you did your coffee. We make coffee with the cold water on top method and are pretty happy with it. We do bring the water to a boil with the grounds already in the cold water and boil it for just a second or two, especially with stream water.

    We’re in Vancouver heading over to see Scott F. in Victoria today.

    I’m enjoying your posts on the bikes you see.

    • Ideally I’d have two pots available and boiling hot water poured over dry grounds yields the best “cowboy” brew, with the leads bitterness. This method also seems coax the grounds into sinking, whereas with the grounds on top they husks like to float until boiled vigorously, making the coffee bitter, like the cowboys probably tasted. With one pot, this is often how it’s done. Of course, let it steep a few minutes and a squirt of cold water will usually help the grounds fall to the bottom. I’ve been enjoying the inclusion of some cane sugar recently, to take the edge off the bitterness.

      My favorite coffee for this method has been vacuum-packed Cafe Bustelo; when touring in Florida a 10 oz. pack is often less than a dollar. This is what most of the Cuban coffee stands use.

      I just rolled into Banff this morning. Sorry I missed you. You might run into Sarah and Dave over on the island (with the Robin Mather frames), as he’s set to pick up a frame bag soon.

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