Need use of truing stand…


My Surly Marge Lite rim and ultralight Larry tires have arrived in Bozeman, according to the recipient.  That part was easy.  Tracking down a rear 32h disc hub, of any kind, is a lot more complicated.  Bozeman has a half-dozen bike (and ski) shops, and none of them definitively have what I’m looking for.  I’d expected this hub to be easy to find, even common, as it’s the bread and butter of the mountain bike world.  One shop has two used Deore hubs with “loose axles”, which means I may or may not have a serviceable hub once the bearings are adjusted.  I’ve found a shop with a spoke cutter, so that part is solved.  Finally, I’m hoping to track down a truing stand for the finish work.  I can lace the wheel in the park while sipping a cold beverage, but I’d like to bring this thing into the world in front of a proper truing stand considering what I’ve got planned for it.  And as a small detail, the Surly 35mm axle spacer would be helpful for dialing in the dish of the wheel, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

These things are complicated while traveling, and ironically the weird snow bike with the offset frame and wheels has nothing to do with it.  The most common part, a 32h hub, is the hardest to find.  I’d hoped to spend my money locally and I’ve come across this problem before, but this is what happens sometimes when you rely on the LBS.  I don’t want to hear “we can order it”.  What’s the point of a physical shop that doesn’t stock bicycle parts?  There is a strong argument for the sale of bicycle parts on the internet to able home mechanics.

Note: All the bike shops claim to sell “wheels”, but none stock hubs.

I’ve called a lot of shops today, but from my experience this is what you do sometimes:

Need use of truing stand… – $1 (Bozeman)

Date: 2012-07-27, 6:41PM MDT
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I’m touring through town and am building a wheel this weekend. I’ve got everything figured out, except the use of a truing stand for the finish work on Sat or Sun. Any help is appreciated. I’m offering a donation of some kind.
The long story:
I’ve ridden from Anchorage, AK on a Surly Pugsley that was my transportation through the winter. Thus far I’ve mostly been riding paved and dirt roads and have used a medium-volume Schwalbe Big Apple tire. I’m passing through Bozeman this weekend and will be putting the big fat tires back on the bike as the rest of the summer will be on dirt roads and trails through WY, CO, UT and AZ. I’m also building a new rear wheel with a Surly Marge Lite rim, which is over a pound lighter than the current Large Marge and should add to the fun. As such, I need use of a truing stand for about an hour on Sat PM or anytime on Sunday. Anyone have a personal stand they’d be willing to share for a donation of beer or cash or fresh food? I’m aware of the Bike Kitchen, but their hours are limited. Thanks.

  • Location: Bozeman
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

I’m in Helena, MT and will check with local bike shops in the morning for a new 32h disc hub.  Between the resources of ten shops in two cities and a persistent cyclist, a wheel will be built.  Full fat, coming soon!

The live CL ad is here, and my listing for a new or lightly used 32h hub is here.

6 thoughts on “Need use of truing stand…

  1. “we can order it” – huge LBS pet peeve of mine, but you probably figured that out already.

    The guys at Great Divide in Helena were always cool when I was around there (but if they don’t have the hub you need, then they don’t have the hub you need.) Travis at the Knickerbiker in Great Falls hooked things up for me more times than I can keep track of, and does a good job considering the goofy little town he’s in. Not the most direct route to Bozeman obviously, but Hwy 89 through the Little Belts to White Sulfur Springs is arguably more scenic than the typical Helena to Bzman route. Some sweet high plains gravel options you can link together out of GF too. Let me know if you want more details, I could also probably hook up a hot shower and floor space and/or back yard(pasture) camping in Great Falls if you’re interested.

    • Joke’s on me, as I finally counted spokes in my rear wheel and 30, 31, 32…

      My front wheel had been 36, so I must have assumed the rear was the same. This is one goofy used purple snow bike. However, I’ve replaced a cone in the rear hub before and have noticed the hub has been loose for a few weeks. When I finally had two cone wrenches to tighten it, I could’t access the drive-side locknut as the cassette locking concealed it. I will use the current hub if I need to, but if it doesn’t adjust to a satisfactory state, I’d prefer a new hub. I will check Great Divide Cyclery this morning. For some reason, Helena seems more promising than Bozeman ski (and bike) shops.

      I hear there’s a nice rail-trail in Great Falls as well.

      I’ve also had trouble finding 700c tires larger than 28mm, and 36h rims, neither of which are that surprising. But 32h hubs? The reason to use 32h hubs is because parts are available in these situations! I hear the bike business is tough, just like owning a restaurant or being an artists or musician (the gypsy business is thriving, btw), but you gotta stock some stuff. Shops perceive inventory as an expense and a risk, but it’s the only way you’ll ever make money. Of course, if you manage to only ever sell new bikes, that might work, but then you’re just an expensive toy store.

    • Thanks Gary. I found a lightly used Deore model for $15 at The Garage, next door to Great Divide Cyclery in Helena. Summit Bike shop in Bozeman has a Phil Wood spoke cutter, and my rim and tires were awaiting my arrival at a friend’s house in town. I’ve just laced the wheel while hiding in the shade, drinking a beer. Finally, my Craigslist post connected me with a local cyclist with a truing stand and I will have everything finalized sometime this evening, or in the morning. From a logistical challenge to a fully-built wheel in less than a day!

      • Cool! We liked Helena a lot. We stopped at the Garage and Great Divide when we went through. Are you at the park by the library? We hung out there awhile too. There was a big forest fire that flared up just north of town while we were there. I assume it’s all out now but you’ll see it when I send out my photo link.

      • As my wheel parts where arriving in Bozeman and my riding partner is a bit under the weather, we solicited a friend to take us to Bozeman for a few days of wheel building and rest. I do like the looks of Helena and am expecting some of the same in Butte, if a little dilapidated.

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