Lael’s globe: Corse


Here are a few pictures from a hiking trip I went on last week. The bottom pictures are of the farm where I’m staying and working.  This place is spectacular!


DSC 0304


DSC 0197


DSC 0289


DSC 0042


Hiking around Corsica, riding her Hooligan to the beach and swimming in the blue waters of the Mediterranean are some of what Lael does when she’s not riding her bike through the snow or over mountains with me.  Only twenty-three days until our big reunion in Colorado for some spectacular riding.  I’m already dreaming up fantastic bikes for her, crafted from used bikes sourced from Craigslist or elsewhere.  She will need a capable, comfortable bike with clearance for standard fat tires (or larger!).  WIth only basic camping kit, she’ll have no more that twenty pounds of gear in a few lightweight bags– in many ways she’s better at packing than I am.  On the Cannondale Hooligan she’s been using a Revelate Vischasa seatbag, a small Inertia Designs framebag, a Revelate Gas Tank, and a drybag that will attach to the handlebars.  I’m already carrying a tent and cooking equipment for two, so once the bike is finalized and the bags swapped to the new bike, we’ll be ready to roll.

Where’s Lael?  Take a close look at the silhouette of the rock outcropping below.


Photo credits: Tamra Kornfield, Lael WIlcox, et al.

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