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I’ve sent very few postcards in the last four years.  I promise them all over the place and have even bought a few cards, but none of them were ever posted.  Charged with over a hundred digital prints, favorites from the last few months, I’m going to fulfill some promises long forgotten.  The following people will receive a card in the mail:

My mom and dad, for supporting an overwhelming bike riding habit.

My sisters and my brother, because I haven’t seen them in over a year.

My 93-year old Ukrainian grandmother, who is a connection to another place that inspires me to live simply, to want and need less, and to eat better.

Lael’s parents, for putting us up this winter and always supporting the overwhelming bike riding habit.

Cass Gilbert, for continued support and inspiration.

Tim Joe Comstock, aka the Trailer Park Cyclist for exceedingly witty and supportive comments and being the most prolific commenter on the blog.

Joe Cruz, for riding his fat-tired Pugsley around Alaska and South America and showing us all that it’s not that weird.

Gary Blakely and Patti Kelly, for being on the leading edge of it all.  Gary and Patti are listed on the ACA Great Divide Maps as a host to cyclists in Del Norte, CO, and provide more support than any single person or resource to Divide riders and racers every year.  Gary is an infinite resource for sensible bikes, lightweight gear, and regional inspiring rides.

Chris Harne, for teaching me that steel-body Shimano SIS derailleurs, Falcon/Xundah thumb shifters, old ATB’s and steel north-road style handlebars are where it’s at– as Lael says, “turning thrift into style”.  And, an ability to be honest with his writing in a way that makes his readers believe him, and blush.

Mike Shupe, owner of The Bicycle Shop in Anchorage, AK, for helping to keep bikes on the streets and riding almost every day of the year, forever.  Mike has been selling and riding bikes since before the 70’s bike boom.  He hosted Ian Hibell for a week back in the late 60’s.

Greg and June Siple of the Adventure Cycling Association (and Hemistour and TOSRV), for their contribution to cycletouring in America.

Colby Sander, an Alaskan at heart and a Tacoman by residence, for storing (and listening to) my record collection, indefinitely.  It’s much too heavy to carry around on the bike, but too much of a treasure to give up completely.  Colby is the most soulful guitarist I’ve known, learning to play to cassette tapes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix as a kid.  These days, he mostly plays the dobro, pedal steel, B-Bender and the trusty old Telecaster from his childhood.

Lucy Kruesel, Sean Camfield, Daniel Aplin, Josh Hegg, Alex Dunn, Tamra Kornfield, Erin Deimon, Nate Bosch, Greg Mu, Jane “Glacier Buddy” Douglass, Sam Esecson, Ben Hulet, Noah Struthers, Alec Burney, Robert George, Kyle Sheehan, Jeremy Humphrey, and Christina Grande– these are some bike friends from all over the place.

I’m in the process of tracking down hosts from all over the world from the last four years.  Those that I can find may also receive some color, finally.

And Lael, who is the best riding partner I could imagine.  She could probably use one as a bookmark.


If you aren’t listed above and would like a postcard from the road and a splash of color for the refrigerator, send your name and address along with a friendly note to Free, while supplies last.

Cass, TJ, Joe, Gary, Josh, Alex, Lucy, Daniel, Jeremy, Erin, Greg, Ben, Jane, Nate, Christina, Sean, Tamra, Sam, Alec, Kyle, Robert, Noah and Chris– please send along a mailing address.

If you happen to be touring at the moment, select a town with a post office about two weeks away.  I’ll send it there in your name, general delivery.

15 thoughts on “Post cards

  1. Hey bud…just send it to the shop cause i think were moving soon…1035 W. Northern lights…its been great following u along the way and im hlad laels back with u…make sure u tell her i said hi… Like always ur making me jealious out actually riding ur bikes while im stuck fixing peoples junk… Im sure my future has a bike tour in it sometime soon… Happy trails my friend!!

    • I’ll send it to the shop. I’ll probably drop one in the mail for Chris as well, although his drawer full of postcards (below the loose ball bearings) are mostly bright pink bikinis from Hawaii and I have nothing to compete with that.

      Some days I wish I was hammering on a Magna or a Huffy.

  2. While you definitely don’t owe me anything, and I haven’t contributed anything besides an odd comment here and there, I do love postcards. Especially from bike tours.

    Shawn Granton
    P O Box 14185
    Portland OR 97293-0185

    And this goes for anyone out there that happens to be reading!

    And if you want to get a postcard on the next bike trip that I do (though since it’s the end of season, I don’t know when the next time I’ll be out), email me your address!

  3. Thanks, Nick. I really liked this article. I love postcards.

    In the past few months, I’ve sent fewer than I should, as well, and it’s been even longer since I’ve sent one of my own photographs.

    Where can I reach you by mail now?

    I’m at

    261 Lyceum Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19128

    I may move soon. Will update if that happens.

    • I’m currently in Crested Butte, CO. I visited the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame today and although it’s a tiny exhibit, it was dense with history. There was an old chromed Ross ATB with drop bars on display that I mistook for a Cunningham from across the room. I’m not sure of the history, but it reminded me of my High Sierra. Cool story: Charlie Kelly’s car broke down in ’68, and in ’69 he decided a ten-speed was better than walking. The rest is history.

      I may settle in NM for the winter.

      I’ll pick out a real nice card for you, something that says lots of miles and Zagnut in the same image.

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