Routefinding above NM

WP 7 65

Routefinding by plane seems a little excessive.  But if you are up in the air, you might as well do some routefinding.  My Alaskan eyes know well enough that roads and routes aren’t always paved and graded.  Like a frozen river, a dry arroyo may be rideable on the right bike.  Flying out of Los Lunas, this terrain is all within a day or two of Albuquerque on two wheels.  There are roads that look like rivers and rivers that look like roads.    There is a green circle in the desert, and lots of routes that have never been ridden on a bike.  This is three thousand feet above New Mexico.

WP 7 63

Dry riverbed and fractal tributaries:

WP 7 46

Roads and irrigation canals.

WP 7 61

Road, looks like a river.  It probably is a river for a few days of the year.

WP 7 60

Green circle– aliens, most likely.

WP 7 69

Road and riverbed, and a modern cliffside dwelling.

WP 7 76

The diminutive Rio Grande, an adjacent canal, and levee road.

WP 7 62

Pinon and juniper.

WP 7 56

Straight as an arrow.

WP 7 68


WP 7 53

WP 7 72

Thanks to Lanny for taking me up.  I look forward to finding these places on the ground.

WP 7 38

WP 7 71

Less than a day away.

WP 7 75

8 thoughts on “Routefinding above NM

  1. What a great way to scope out potential routes. A lot of the area is on Res land so I’d suggest checking land ownership too. Some of the photos seem to be in the Rio Puerco area? That ridge line road looks inviting!

    • Gary, Most of my interest was on the west side of !-25, and most of our flight path was south of Los Lunas which avoids most of the tribal lands in the area. In particular, I was interested in the large drainage that meets the Rio Grande about 15mi north of Socorro just south of La Joya. It passes south of Ladron Peak, and then north of the Bear Mountains. Eventually, it follows almost all the way to Pie Town. I imagine that it could be some soft riding this time of year, but after some spring flows, it may be well compacted and cemented. I’ll have to do some research. It looks like the jumping off point is only about 20-25 miles south of Belen, so a train ride could shorten the approach.

      Some of this is in the Rio Puerco area as well.

    • Ha! The Sky King Bicycle Club! Those rascally Wright Brothers knew what they were up to all along. Better ways of finding bike trails. I will certainly be grateful when we finally get our Surly pedal-planes.

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