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The Campeur is more a commuter than a touring bike or a camping bike these days.  I added a VO Pass Hunter rack up front and my Ostrich handlebar bag, held in place by a decaleur.  The bike now has two Pass Hunter racks, front and rear.

The Carradice Camper saddlebag provide a capacious trunk for trips to the grocery or out of town.  The Oveja Negra top tube bag is the center console, for easy access to lights, locks and things.  The Ostrich bar bag is a huge glove compartment, for much more than gloves.  Finally, I’ve wrapped the bars in durable cotton tape and installed my favorite feature on any drop bar bike, modified Ergon grips.

I am really enjoying this bike for riding around town.  The bike glides through corners, which has me thinking about mechanical trail and bike design.  Distances in Albuquerque can be great– riding to a Christmas party last night, Lael and I pedaled over 8 miles each way in the dark.  Commuting is touring in the city.

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The leather badge on the front of the Ostrich handlebar bag reads “Excellent equipment of pack and carrying gear for all cyclists at heart.  Ostrich.  The Big Bicycling.”  The bag is Japanese.

13 thoughts on “Commuteur

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  2. How do you feel about the BB height of the Campeur, wrt ground clearance and also general ride quality? Just wondering because they spec 82mm of BB drop which is pretty low, very much in the realm of classic 1980’s road-tourers. On the surface it doesn’t seem like a logical choice for something intended for off-pavement use, but maybe your experience can shed some light on this? I realize it’s somewhat mitigated by the fact that they seem to expect one to use big tires but it still seems low to me.

    I’ve been using a Surly Cross-Check for mixed-terrain touring and bike-camping for about 6 years, but am contemplating the Campeur as an alternative. It has similar features and tire clearances but a few key differences in geometry which to me tilt the bike away from commuter-cross/monster-road and more towards touring comfort (slightly longer chainstays and front-end that looks better-designed for carrying of front loads).

    The biggest difference is that the Surly’s BB drop is 66mm, which is mega tall, especially with big rubber (38-42c typically). I was really expecting/hoping the Campeur would land somewhere around 72-76mm so naturally I am curious about how their geo. choice works out for you.


  3. Nice bike. I’m curious to learn more about your “Modified Ergon” setup on the drop bars. Care to fill me in on what model and what you did to modify them?

  4. I too am curious about the Ergon grips. Presumably you needed to do something to them to get them to fit on 23.8mm drop bars, given they are designed for 22.2mm bars?

  5. Another question for you: I currently have a Long Haul Trucker as my heavy duty commuter/kid hauler. It’s slightly undersized for me and I’ve considered trading the frame out. One thing that bothers me is the front handling with a load in my Wald basket (on top of a VO Constructeur rack).

    How does the Campeur compare to a LHT for loaded commuting? I have the front load mentioned, a rear rack with panniers, and a Yepp rear child seat to deal with. Do you think if was already going to switch out frames, that I’d be better off on the VO? What are the main benefits over the Surly? Thanks, I’m really enjoying your blog!

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