Merry etc.


Old Town.  Dusk, and paper bags and sand and candles.  Luminaria.  Dinner, dessert and friends.  Bosque at night.  Wake up.  Cold.  No Santa, not really.  Coffee.  Christmas cookies, for breakfast.  A ride along the Rio Grande.  Sand.  Low pressures, no pressure.  Goatheads no problem.  Central Ave– Route 66.  Mud; poke with a stick.  Home.  Kill some chickens.  Oven.  Soon, a feast.  Merry etc.

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WP00001 25

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WP00001 13

WP00001 16

WP00001 31

WP00001 21

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2 thoughts on “Merry etc.

  1. You stole Lael’s bike! Christmas in ABQ is special. We used to do a luminaria tour on Christmas eve on bikes at night. Some neighborhoods are pretty impressive and Old Town is at the top of the list.

    Can you ride Thurs or Fri? We’ll be down tomorrow night.

    • I think I have at least one of those days off from work. I will let you know.

      We went to a gathering south of Central (around 16th), near the heart of the luminaria tours. We rode around a little bit, and cut through the center of Old Town on our way up to Candelaria.

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