Prospective perspective (Inspiration Information)

WP00001 51

I’ll retrospect when my eyes go.  Perhaps the loss of a computer and hard drive and thousands of photos makes it hard; perhaps the memory of things is even richer than the pixels and words.  I’ll retrospect when my prospect is blurry, unclear or blind.  Nothing is really counted in days, years or miles, but these are near universal benchmarks that make conversation easy.  I slept outside more than 100 times, rode over 10,000 miles in -20deg and 100deg and snow and 12,000ft on one bike mostly by myself but lots of times with Lael.  That’s 2012.  Quick, 2013.  Let’s do it again, mostly the same idea but very different specifically.  Vendange en France, Kyrgyzstan, Colorado Utah Arizona, fatbikes or little bikes, New Mexico indefinitely?  Two wheels, no less.  Certainly no more.  Always places to go.  2013.   

WP00001 54

WP00001 53

A Selle-Anatomica Titanico X for long-term review and direct comparison to Brooks B-17 and Velo Orange Model 3.

WP00001 62

WP00001 56

2012 is bookended by snowfall, from Alaska to New Mexico.

WP00001 61

In place of dynamo lighting on the Campeur, I am using the Cygolite Metro 300 and Hotshot taillight, an affordable USB rechargeable consumer light set.  The time has come for such things.

WP00001 60

622×45 — 406×37.  Gears and brakes and seats and pedals and handlebars– mostly the same.  The Hooligan gets 20×2.2″ Maxxis Holy Rollers soon.

WP00001 52

WP00001 36

Inspiration Information is the third blues-soul-pop album from Shuggie Otis.

7 thoughts on “Prospective perspective (Inspiration Information)

  1. Those sound like good ideas for the upcoming months, Nick.

    I’ve been very pleased with a Cygolite for touring/commuting too but I haven’t used it at all for nighttime mountain biking as you may. I have a few years’ old model that tops out at about 250 lumens. If I ever happen to lose it, I’m just gonna buy another one though they’ll probably be up to a million lumens at the rate Cygolite is improving over mine.

  2. Now I have never had a good dynamo to compare to, but LED lithium lights are so powerful for the money now. I have a Gemini Olympia, which I got with a pre-sale discount, and on full setting it is simply too bright. And I can move it bike to bike so much more easily than a dynamo, if one would at all, and there is nothing left on the bike to steal of it. I can see a dynamo for extended touring away from plugs… if I had time to do that. I wonder how much power one could get from a solar charger in a day compared to what one would use after dark. After all, one would avoid riding after dark on an expedition anyway.

    • Hmm, from the depths of the spam folder…

      Yes, rechargeable battery lights are very powerful these days, inexpensive, and lightweight. It is easy to see the benefits of battery lights, but from my experience with good dynamo lighting, it is hard to give it up. No charging, no fading lights, and it is even reasonable to run lights through the daytime. I have run lights on my Pugsley from May in Alaska to December in New Mexico, without turning them off. And every time I jump on the bike for a daytime commute or a nighttime trail ride, the lights are on.

      I do appreciate the potential to put the Cygolites on another bike if needed. Since I aspire to only have one bike, swapping between bikes isn’t usually an issue.


  3. Certainly no more than two wheels? Don’t forget about trikes, my friend…
    “In a world without cars, trikes would be the cars. Bikes would still just be bikes.” – Lance Armstrong.

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