Activity in the city– to the hills

WP001 23

New Year’s Day.  Ride to the hills, 15 miles uphill.  Hike, run, bike.  Back to Old Town by 4PM for work.  Another 15 or so, downhill.  New Years’s Day in Albuquerque.


WP001 3

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WP001 10

Lael needs to run, only twenty minutes to spare.  No running shoes, no running clothes.

WP001 11

Drop bars, touring tires, trails.

WP001 12

WP001 13

WP001 15

WP001 17

WP001 18

WP001 20

Running shoes?  Running clothes?  Any bike, anywhere.  Any shoe, anywhere.

WP001 21

Down hill.  Hometown.  Albuquerque.

WP001 24

6 thoughts on “Activity in the city– to the hills

    • Tim, We both love Albuquerque! We first passed through town last fall on bikes and immediately appreciated the cycling facilities, the climate, and friendly people. I especially appreciate a city with a low barrier to entry– it is relatively cheap and friendly with lots of opportunities. The biking life in ABQ is great.

  1. Thanks for the reply. Agreed on the low barrier to entry. I’ve recently relocated to Austin and love the bike-ability here as well as the plethora of jobs. Not as cheap here though, still not bad as I’ve lived in only the DC area as well as western mountain ski towns. Glad it’s working for you two.

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