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New Mexico.  Roads, mostly.  Sand, sun, rain, snow, wind.  Arroyo, road, climb, climb, climb.  Descend.  Another Pugsley, and another.  Railrunner.  Road biking New Mexico.

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9 thoughts on “Via

    • I’m very happy with many aspects of my current tire situation. The tires are new. The tires are built upon a high quality 120tpi folding casing, and are lightweight and supple. And, they are set up tubeless and have been reliable for several weeks at varied pressure in a diverse range of conditions including some rocky trails and hard cornering. The new Knard tread is very predictable through corners, although the tread is best suited for drier and/or hardpacked conditions. It is a great tire for riding dry dirt roads and trails, some sandy stuff, hardpacked snow and a stretch of pavement. For more severe conditions, it is still hard to beat the bite of the Nate. The Larry is also a nice compromise, especially when the rear is mounted in reverse. The Endomorph is a turd.

    • Rail Runner is great, although it’s always at less than half capacity. Too bad it doesn’t get more use, but it is very pleasant to ride. The schedule is centralized around working hours, with one mid-day run. Also, free WiFi on board, and when the doors close the warning signal is the voice of Roadrunner of Looney Tunes fame. “Meep!Meep!”.

      I commented about the Knards in the comments to my previous post “Overnight”. Regarding the new tubeless setup, I am thrilled– it is lighter weight and I’ve not had any flats in several weeks.

    • I’ll send along some info, although the route is fairly simple.

      Actually, I have some questions for you too. The road from White Rock down to the river looks amazing! You must know about it!? It drops a bunch of elevation in a hurry, with a few major switchbacks.

      Thanks for the bri-to and coffee. I’ll be back sometime soon, hopefully with some more fatbikes in tow. I will be scheduling some fatbike gatherings in the future, and an overnight in the mtns is near the top of my list. Would be nice to camp a few miles upstream of the San Antonio hot springs, ride down 376, and ride back up 289 (St. Peter’s Dome Road).

      • Cool, the only legal ways down to the river from white rock are the dot trails, which are good hiking, bad biking as you pretty much have to hike up and down. If you are looking at the power line access “road” that is just outside white rock, I would advise against. I can email you more about it.

        let me know about some future plans.

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