Correspondence: Notes on a Stealth Fatty

WP001 60

Hmmm, how long has it been, only a few weeks since I picked up the necromancer pug but it’s been an honest blast. I genuinely feel these bikes should be the absolute standard for off-roading, be it touring or park ratting. The bike is really well balanced and carries it’s weight well when riding technical single track and has stunning stability on “off the back of the saddle” descents. There’s definitely a re-learning curve with accepting the tire pressures that get the most out of the bike.  The psi’s are definitely different in regard to what you are riding.  This brings me to the tubeless.

Jeff and Nick, thanks. Y’all did a stunning job. I’ve ridden this bike with absolute negligence and disregard with no burps or flats. Really, I’ve riddled the tires with a whole lot of goatheads and ridden it damned hard on and off road at 2psi, and the tires are still attached to the rims. Which does pose a complication as the larry is a liability. It’s been hot and tacky out and i’ve really been pushing the bike on the local trail systems– the Larry really will break loose. The nate is stunning, the Larry, it’s gotta, gunna go eventually. I hope before me, ha ha.

I just wanted to let y’all know how much I appreciate the effort 2 wheel drive put into getting me on this bike. I dig it. I’ve attached some pics documenting some of the finer moments since getting the pugs.


Jeremy is “over the handlebars for New Mexico”, which is our way of saying that he likes it here and he goes over the bars a lot.  A recent transplant from Texas and everywhere, he makes the most of this rugged and beautiful state and rides like it doesn’t hurt when you crash.  I wonder if Jeremy has really ridden down to 2psi?  He’s a little guy and when the snow is soft it’s easy to let it all out, so it’s possible, but 4psi may be more likely.  Hey Jeremy, I’ve got an extra Nate tire if you stop through ABQ sometime soon.

WP001 57

WP001 56

WP001 59

WP001 58

Photos: Cass Gilbert and Jeremy Gray

Also, check out my “Fatbiking Micro-Adventure in New Mexico” on the Adventure Cycling Blog, and my older post about commuting and touring on a fatbike.

4 thoughts on “Correspondence: Notes on a Stealth Fatty

    • I’m really excited about the new Pugsley build options. The standard model now comes with Marge Lite rims and Microshift thumb shifters. The Neck Romancer is built with the drilled Rolling Darryl rims and the offset Surly crank.

      Some great colors right now as well, Ketchup and Mustard.

      • Does Surly (QBP) offer up the frame only? I would like to get my mitts on the frame, and possibly the Marge Lite’s only and go from there.. I’m still a huge fan of Phil’s bearing compartments. What’s your take on the Mr Whirly?

      • Yes, I believe all Surly frames are available a la carte. I am not a big fan of Shimano rear disc hubs, such as the Deore on the Pug, as the bearing adjustment seems to come loose much too often. However, I’m rolling on a used Alivio level hub without any major issues.

        The complete bikes are a great value (only $150 more than the Ogre). You might consider simply rebuilding the rear wheel to a Phil hub, although a fully custom bike is always fun. The Mr. Whirly crank is great and as you have heard, it can be used in any configuration (single, double, triple) on any BB (need a shorter spindle for normal bikes). It looks pretty svelte too, like some of the nicer Sugino cranks.

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