Does it work?

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Update: Check out my updated Tubeless Fatbike Guide for information on the non-split tube tubeless method.  The method used here is still relevant, and may be more reliable in situations where bead retention is of greatest concern, such as on rough rocky trails.  The non-split tube method described in the guide mentioned above is a little lighter.  For the most reliable tubeless system, consider adhering the split-tube to the tire bead to create an airtight unit, much like a tubular tire. (2/16/2014)

Does our home-brew tubeless fatbike system work, as on this tubeless Moonlander? These are goatheads.  These are tubeless fatbike tires: 4.7″ Surly Big Fat Larry tires to 100mm Clownshoe rims.  These two wheels are entirely cluttered with spiny goathead thorns– perhaps 500 in total.  This is no match for a tubeless system and some Stan’s liquid sealant.  Ride on.

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Thanks to Two Wheel Drive for the demo Moonlander for the weekend.  Live near ABQ and want to ride a fatbike?  Come find me at TWD on Tuesdays.

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18 thoughts on “Does it work?

    • Not mine, not soon to be mine either. I still can’t walk away from the versatility of the Pugsley, which can take a 29″ wheel or a large volume 26″ tire (2.3+) on 65mm rims. Building some 29″ wheels for Joe Cruz’ Pugsley this week with Velocity Synergy O/C rims. Sending some 2.5″ Maxxis Hookworms to Ecuador for my Big Dummy buddy Alex. Both could go on the Pugsley.

      But for soft conditions, a 100mm rim and 4.7″ tire are the best– and there are a lot of opportunities to ride on sand around here.

  1. It would seem you’d need a pint of sealant in the monster truck tires?

    What is the sealant of choice for tubes in ABQ these days? When I left there True Goo seemed to be doing well. I’ve heard that Stan’s works well but Cass had some that dried up (in tubes) pretty quickly. I still use tubes in the cross bike. I don’t suppose you’ve attempted tubeless on the Campeur?

    • We’ve been using 6-8oz for initial set-up of Pugsleys and Moonlander. True Goo is the sealant of choice for tubes as it seems to remain liquid for much longer than Stan’s, and is slightly more viscous to clot punctures in tubes. Stan’s is preferred for initial setup due to its low viscosity, to coat the inside surfaces. With a tubeless system, you could remove dried out sealant every couple of months if desired, so I’m not too worried about it drying out. However, I have not yet tried True Goo in my tubeless tires.

      I hope to convert the Campeur when I am finally not riding Cass Schwalbe tires. I should get some of my own rubber. If a customer asks for a “tubeless conversion” of non-tubeless parts, Jeff’s default method is the “ghetto tubeless” system because he knows for certain that it will work and the bead will fit tightly.

      Speaking of the Campeur, I’ve heard rumours that the Campeur+ might become a reality. At least, I may be riding a prototype with bigger rubber come late spring.

    • Pete, You may see some sealant escaping for a moment or hear a slight leak. Usually, if you spin the tire the leak is sealed in the first rotation. For a larger leak, you may orient the puncture on the bottom of the wheel to allow the sealant to work for a moment.


    • It’s a real blessing in this part of the country. The ride really is much better, in addition to the puncture resistance. With your new rims and a tubeless system, you will notice a big difference in the lightness of the ride.

  2. Hi Nick!

    This is Brad from Boulder! I was able to catch up on your recent adventures this afternoon and it looks like you’re having a great time. Let me know when you’re back in CO. I’d love to join you for a few days.

    Be well, my friend.

    • Brad! I was sorting though an accumulation of stuff last night, reminded that I’ve still got a CT Data Book and a post card with your name on it, with notes about bike detours scribbled within. I’ll be sure to send it along soon, along with relevant pages from a CO Gazetteer for reference .

      I was hoping to make it to NAHBS in Denver this coming weekend, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point. Would be great to meet up again sometime. Thanks again for stopping to chat the first time in Boulder.


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