Go!– Fatbikes in New Mexico

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Published in the Albuquerque Journal this morning, in the business section on the Go! page.  Article by Mark Smith.  Images by Jim Thompson and Nicholas Carman.

Update: The ABQ Journal now has the full article online, with a web video feature.

WPBlog001 242

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I got the local paper to say “fatbike touring“.  This is a small victory.

Charlie Ervin, owner of Two Wheel Drive had the pleasure of saying “fatbike” on TV yesterday.  Check out the full video on the morning program NM Style.

17 thoughts on “Go!– Fatbikes in New Mexico

  1. You make us proud! Hoorah! But I am curious about the screwdriver wound. Surely you did not assault your tire with a bench tool to illustrate the wonders of tubeless-ness? Such enthusiasm is impressive, if not unnerving. A Job Well Done, all the same.

    • The wound is intentional, and serves to convert customers to tubeless daily. We usually use a spoke, but a screwdriver is more impressive. For the newspaperman, we even did it twice!

  2. Great article and video. Nice to read about you and see you in the video. Good interview with the bicycle shop owner, I’m impressed that you have him talking about about Fat Bikes. Look forward to seeing you in April.

    • Hey Tommy,

      Great to hear from you! How is that bike doing? I’ve been telling everyone about “this one guy in AK that put a big motor on his Ti Muk”. Hope all is well. They would love your (motor)bike down here in NM.

      Got any pictures? I’d love to see it.


      • yep you took off before it was done right. anywho its been doin good i have nates on it now whith gripstuds in them now 152 for the front and rear and dont slip one bit there carbide and there removable with a spcial bit .next year im triyn them on a bud and lou tires 4.8s
        i have pics on my facebook page Thomas oxborough facebook. im lookin for some 165mm isis drive cranks. i just sold my 175mm e13 yep it is there was some plumbing or pipefittings job down there id be there Tom

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