Postcard ABQ

WPBlog001 280

Family visits for a day and a night.  The best way to see the best parts of ABQ is by bike.  These photographic renderings serve memory better than reality, but in fact, New Mexico skies are incredible.  Four diverse bikes ride together on and off pavement– a bike with little wheels, a fatbike, an all-road bike, and a big-wheeled mountain bike.

WPBlog001 264

WPBlog001 270

WPBlog001 266

WPBlog001 275

WPBlog001 265

WPBlog001 273

WPBlog001 278

WPBlog001 279

6 thoughts on “Postcard ABQ

    • Hey Joe,

      Actually, it is Lael’s parents that came to visit for a few days. Not pictured here are Lael or her dad riding the Pugsley. Over the course of several hours they all traded the fattie for the little bike and Lael’s 29er, as we explored pavement and riverside singletrack. Lael’s mom really enjoyed the dirt trails. We rode at a hiking pace, enjoying the sun and the scenery. She remarked, “the woods were really nice”. This was exactly what I wanted to hear from a first time mountain biker.

      My parents visit next month, and I hope to borrow a couple of fatties for the weekend. My mom is a pro:


  1. Chamber of Commerce pictures right there! Oh man, that NM sky. I’ll be down in Alb the first week of April for a little escape from the winter that everybody else calls spring here in the northern Colo mountains. Bringing my old steel roadie bike and will probably get a ride and coffee with my sister on the Bosque trail! Can’t wait!
    Oh, and some breakfast at The Range. My favorite!

    • Hey Tim! After writing and documenting from an iPod Touch for an entire year, I finally committed to a real camera and the MacBook Air this past spring, before leaving Alaska. I’m using an Olympus E-PM1 camera with the stock 14-42mm lens. This camera uses the mirrorless Micro 4/3 system, which allows for a very petite camera body. There are a range of M4/3 cameras from Olympus and Panasonic with interchangeable lenses, and the option to use inexpensive older manual lenses with a lens adaptor. The Sony NEX series and Nikon 1 series seem to offer similar imagery from a small body and interchangeable lenses.

      The Olympus E-PM1 that I use is the most inexpensive option from Olympus, and while it has most of the manual features I have come to appreciate, it can be a little cumbersome to access these digital menus. Still, I have come a long way with it and consider it a valuable companion.

      I also use Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, which is a powerful post-production tool.

      Asia travels sounds grand.


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