Barn Find: Early 80’s Trek Road Bike

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1981/1982 Trek 412:  Ishiwata 022 tubing, a nice mix of Japanese componentry for an entry level model, and some French bits, including an original Avocet Condor saddle, Michelin Bib Sport tires, and Rigida rims.  This bike has been living in the depths of a horse barn in Albuquerque, NM for a long time.  I don’t need it and it doesn’t fit me, but I am hoping to connect the frame with someone that can give it a new life– an upright, 3-speed, 26 x 1 3/8″ (590mm/650A) kind of life.

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9 thoughts on “Barn Find: Early 80’s Trek Road Bike

  1. …but I am hoping to connect the frame with someone that can give it a new life– an upright, 3-speed, 26 x 1 3/8″ (590mm/650A) kind of life.

    I wonder what (or who) is giving you that kind o’ idea. 😉
    And nice score. Wish there were more barns around here to find bikes in.

  2. Nice! My old 1978 Trek 710 frame is probably my all time favorite road bike frame, as far as handling and practicality. This bike deserves to be ridden!

  3. Should clean up nice! Those old Treks are great. Does the 650a make finding suitable brakes easier than 650b? Seems like your pretty much limited to CR18’s and Panaracer Col de la Vies in 650a, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Great idea.

    • James,

      I know a guy with a nice old 3-speed, with upgraded alloy components, including CR-18 rims, VO cranks, Brooks saddle, MKS pedals and painted Honjo fenders. Now he thinks the frame is unworthy of such high quality componentry and is seeking a new host for all of these nice parts. He considered a custom frame, but then I suggested a nice older road frame with “sport touring” geometry and tire clearances. So, he already has a nice 590mm wheelset, with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.

      Will post more about his bike soon.


    • James, with 650A (26″ x 1 3/8″ or ISO 590), you are pretty much limited to CR18 rims if you want a modern alloy rim. There is a rather decent sized selection of tires in 650A, but nowhere near as much as 26″ or 700C. The one big difference I see between tire selection between 650A and 650B is that it is much, much easier to find 650A tires (the Wal-Targs of the world carry them) whereas there are only good tires available in 650B due to the market. That being said, there are good tires available in 650A, like the Col de la Vie and Marathon Plus, but also Michelin World Tours and Continental City Rides. And of course you can’t forget Schwalbe Delta Cruisers with all their different colors. And a hidden low-priced gem is the Kenda/Sunlite Nimbus with its semi-aggressive tread. Not as well made as the others, but a nice cush ride with good dirt handling.

  4. I found this same model at a garage sale for $10. I am restoring it to be a commuter bike. It took me a while to make that decision as I found the bike extremely comfortable and fast. I was tempted to make it an old school racer. It’s gonna be a great commuter.

  5. I’m interested in refurbing this bike if you still have it.

    I bought a 412 in ’83 and kept it until ’88 when I used it for bartering. …. and regret every day since.

    Putting sweat equity into yours would bring back memories of my youth nailing the Illinois prarie flats.

    One question, would you mind packing for shipping? I’ll pay. Some don’t want to go to the trouble. KC isn’t exactly driving distance for me to come and pick it up.


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