Up for anything

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The last time my mom visited in Anchorage she rode 25 miles in the snow, aboard a borrowed Mukluk.  And the time before that we explored historic tracks on Grindstone Island on rigid, vintage mountain bikes.  This time was a little different.

Bikes are still the best way to visit Albuquerque.  Several weeks ago Lael’s parents borrowed bikes and joined us for a ride in the Bosque.  This time, my parents borrow bikes and ride a mix of sandy singletrack and pavement to visit friends, to Los Poblanos, and simply to enjoy some southwest sunshine.  Mom rides the Cannondale Hooligan on Saturday, and the Raleigh XXIX 29er on Sunday.  Dad charges around on the Pugsley.  Lael runs.

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3 thoughts on “Up for anything

  1. You’ve written about how much Lael loves running, but this seems like the definition of the phrase, “the short end of the stick.”

    • You have no idea how much Lael loves running. She drew a long straw in this case. Otherwise, she would have gone for a run after our ride, and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day.

      Additionally, she is entered in a 45km trail run this weekend and wanted to keep her legs moving. The race is detailed here: http://cpu45.org/directions.

  2. I thought Lael running was cool as hell. There was something Frank Shorter told Jim Fixx about how as a runner he always thought how great it was that if the car broke down he could just RUN to wherever he had to go…it seemed perfectly natural to me that she would be setting the pace for your ride with the folks and getting in a training run for the upcoming race. (I follow her pages, too, you know.)

    The outdoors-ness of it all is captured in the photos. While I have always been a huge fan of your incredible shots of vast wildernesses and mountain ranges and far lonesome places
    this happy little moment of you and your family getting outside and being together doing what we do best (soaking up the world) makes me feel good.

    Thanks for that.


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