Gear Sale

Updated 4/18– The VO Campeur is still for sale for $800, or $875 with two VO Pass Hunter mini racks.  The bags are sold.  More listings soon.  

Leaving town, cleaning house, selling stuff.  I only need one of everything.  The Gear Sale page is accessible from the pages above and will house all items for sale.  It will be updated as new items are added to the list.  Check back soon for a purple 18″ Surly Pugsley and Lael’s Cannondale Hooligan.

The following items are currently listed, including a complete VO Campeur touring and commuting bike.  The complete bike is available for $800.

WPBlog001 525

WPBlog001 472

WPBlog001 468

WPBlog001 459

WPBlog001 458

WPBlog001 476

WPBlog001 527

12 thoughts on “Gear Sale

  1. If my math is correct selling the VO, Hooligan and the Pugs leaves you with just one bike between the two of you. You going to ride around Europe on Lael’s handlebars?
    Curious to see what you’ve got planned.

    You almost got me to pull the trigger on those Hookworms.
    You have any 120tpi fat tires you’re looking to unload?

    • Could send the Nate back to you, and some cheap fleece-lined pogies if you think you could find a use for them (2 pairs). If Lael and I share one bike, our individual bike weight is dramatically reduced, and is barely UCI legal.

      Actually, considering the expense of building wheels for the Pugsley, which I’ve always felt was too small, I thought I should redirect my attention to another machine. I’ve got a line on an inexpensive secondhand steel 29er, which may or may not be very much like Lael’s bike. Will share details soon. You are very good at math.

      • Thank you for affirming my calculations.

        If Nate showed his face around here again I’d be sure to show him a good time, and I myself could find a use for 1 pair of pogies, and have a good home in mind for a second set. It won’t break my heart if all three find other good homes.

        If you’re in the market for secondhand steel 29ers I’ve got one in the garage that’s available. rigid Kona Unit, currently 1×9 (SRAM), and for you I’d include the ergon grips and mary bar. Unlimited potential for juvenile ‘Unit’ jokes.
        Alyssa just mentioned she might have a cheap AK Airlines shipping connection to anywhere they fly.
        Hope a local deal works out for you, but if not . . .

  2. Ohhhh, you aren’t taking the pugs? I’m anxious to hear what you will be riding in Europe? 🙂 I bet it’s a 29er, did VO get you the new frame?

    The barz have no forward offset, 64 cm wide. The shifters and brakes will have to go in front of the cross bar. If Lael brakes with one finger they’ll work fine. Two fingers, not so much. I rode ’em singlespeed. Wanna photo?

    • The VO frame will not be ready in time. It is, or, it most likely will be a 29er, but this has not been finalized. We might stick with the Mary’s, or consider the Al Jones bar, or something with a little more sweep. I think Lael would be happy to have all of her controls close at hand. Thanks for offering.

  3. Nate and Gary beat me to the big question as to what you’ll be riding if the Pugsley is out of the picture. If it’s to be Lael’s handlebars I think we would all be impressed, though perhaps not too surprised, considering the recent news of her superhuman running ability.

    Knowing the polished storyteller that you are, I have a feeling you’ll hold us in suspense for a while.

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