To Do Lists

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I have lists of things to do before I leave.  Somehow, I find more interesting things to do that were not on the list.  Meet a globe-trotting Japanese cyclist– Takashi– and rendezvous with another globe-trotting cyclist from Holland for late dinner and beers.  And, an impromptu sub six-hour campout along the Rio Grande.  Not much time for sleep these days.

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Unlace the busted Phil Wood hub from Cass’ Rabbit Hole rim, and unlace the Rohloff from the long unused 26″ Rigida Andra rim to make one epic wheel– Rohloff to Rabbit Hole.  This wheel will find a home on Cass’ Surly Krampus frame.  The Phil hub will be sent back for repair.  I reused most of the spokes and cut them to length with the Phil Wood spoke cutter at Two Wheel Drive in Albuquerque.

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Reconnect with old friends.  Andy and Stella and family are visiting ABQ from Denver.  They hosted us last fall before diving into the Colorado Trail.  They rode to the farm for a visit over the weekend.  Stella is an aspiring bikepacker and commuter with a promising two-wheeled future.  In fact, the whole family frequently rolls on two wheels together.

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Andy, better known by his blog moniker Big Dummy Daddy, was riding his Pugsley.  I sold him my Revelate Sweet Roll handlebar bag.  The robin’s egg blue Raleigh XXIX on the left is a recent acquisition, the first 29er amongst twenty (or more) bikes in the family.

WPBlog001 558

Prepare coffee and cocoa and cakes; soups, salads and sweets for weekend visitors to Old Town Farm.  Bike-In Coffee is a business that runs on coffee, rhubarb cake and two wheels.  Our kitchen is actually on four wheels, and is a repurposed 1973 Winnebago.

WPBlog001 548

Finally, buying and selling bikes.  The Velo Orange Campeur is still for sale.  A new (old) bike to come in the next few days!

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6 thoughts on “To Do Lists

  1. I remember, way back when, when Charlie first bought the PW spoke cutter. Bummer about the PW hub though.

    I am somewhat amazed at all the ‘life’ details that need to be tended to before this big trip. Hopefully your ‘to do list’ is smaller than ours. I have no doubt you’re both really busy.

    It’s great Andy and family got down to ABQ! Will you see them in Denver? Patti is working on travel arrangements to Denver as I write, probably a bus from Poncha Springs to the Denver airport.

    We’ll be in ABQ on May 8. Isn’t that when you fly out of Denver? We’ll be bummed if we can’t meet up before you leave.

    Anxious to see the new bike!

    • Spoke cutter is still going strong, although a bit finicky in use as usual. For me, the problem is that I don’t want to ship or store anything, and I’d like to sell anything that is worth selling.

      I may see Andy again in Denver, but I’ll miss you two here in ABQ. We will likely take an evening bus from ABQ to Denver on the 6th or 7th.

      The new bike is awesome! Sending a pattern to Scott today.

    • I wish that I had been able to meet up with Cass and to see Two Wheel Drive while we were there. It was great to see you and Lael and to get a flavor of Albuquerque. It has a lot of good things going on.

      Looking forward to seeing your new bike. The XXIX is a lot of bang for the buck, and I’m sure that you’ll take it to a higher level.

      Just let me know if you need bikes to borrow while you’re here if yours are already packed up, pick up from the bus station, or a ride to the airport. You too, Gary.

      • Thanks, Andy! Tentatively we’ll catch a bus from Salida early AM on June 17. Our flight leaves at 5:15 PM from Denver on the same day. It appears we’ll have an extra hour or two in Denver, if you might be able to meet for coffee or lunch? If there’s any change and we need to spend the night in Denver I’ll be in touch. Thanks for offering!!!

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