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I rode the Cannnondale Holligan to the Railrunner station in downtown ABQ, and rode the train north to Santa Fe.  I sold the Hooligan to Cass and purchased this large-framed Raleigh XXIX+G from an acquaintance, who had at once ridden the bike with both drop bars and suspension fork.  I was back on the train within the hour.  The new bike rides real good.

Framebag coming soon, thanks to Scott of Porcelain Rocket.  Many changes to come in the next two weeks.

WPBlog001 562

Scott has made an informative video on how to make a pattern for a custom frame bag.

12 thoughts on “XXIX+G

  1. Lucas of bikeisthenewblack blog spotted an XXIX at Spenarcticman sporting 29er Knards (pictured in the background of the last picture on his latest post). I doubt they were on rabbit holes, but still.
    So it’s been done and spotted in the wild.
    Obviously a front derailleur might complicate things, but still fun to consider.

  2. Nice looking bike! I continue to be impressed with Julie’s XXIX, even though it is too small for me to really ride. Huge possibilities for not a lot of cash. However, in my case I have to repeat the mantra that you’ve previously suggested: I don’t need another bike. I don’t need another bike.

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