Between worlds

WPBlog001 575

The first meeting of the Rio Grande Young Farmer’s Coalition was held at Old Town Farm.  A sunny 75 degree day and the time to enjoy it are an uncommon pairing these days.  I am furiously buying selling building fixing and donating to prepare for our May 8th departure.  After surveying the scene from the vantage of a long-unused treehouse, I joined forces with Jeremy and went searching for something else.

Sun setting sweet summer day in April

Farm fresh long hairs on bikes and beat up pick-ups enjoy bluegrass and brew poured into thrift store ceramic mugs

Cottonwoods snowing silently, the biggest snowfall of the year

WPBlog001 581

WPBlog001 583

WPBlog001 582

Borrowed bike with fat tires and fenders

Sprint on sand, sprint on pavement;

under the interstate and across the bridge onto doubletrack singletrack and sandytrack to the secret swimming spot along the RIo Grande

Undone shoelaces, belts and button-ups;

piles of t-shirts, pants and socks

Run across silty shallows looking for deeps– much like Gulf Coast beaches–

alternately shallow and knee-deep braided river, barefeet running to sediment bars tracked with a million bird’s feet

Shooting for a far-off ropeswing, probably swings into four foot shallows anyway

Float, swim, flounder downstream back to piles of threads and steel

Back home by dusk, by way of the well-known route

Back home, to a memory of New Mexico winter, now sunny and eighty degrees

WPBlog001 579

WPBlog001 584

WPBlog001 578

WPBlog001 576

From a treehouse to the river via bike in less than twenty minutes. From New Mexico to the Netherlands in a day, soon.

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