Porcelain Rocket

WPBlog001 613

Thanks to Scott Felter of Porcelain Rocket for the custom framebag.  I requested a generous flare towards the front of the bag and one large compartment with a flat pocket on the opposite side.  The bag fits perfectly.

WPBlog001 614

WPBlog001 615

7 thoughts on “Porcelain Rocket

  1. Now that’s looking a lot more Gypsy.

    I was beginning to wonder with the suspension fork, Stan’s rims and all. 🙂

    Looking like a sweet ride.

    • No fenders on this bike. The frame does not offer enough clearance with the tires I am using (at least not to allow a little mud as well). Additionally, I don’t have the time for any extra fiddling right now. Barely getting everything out the door.

  2. tight new set-up, nicholas. “recently” in an update of yours you were on the lookout for some good repair tape; i carry a silly grip of that kind of stuff in my kit but Mcnett’s “tenacious Tape” is the one i have been grabbing first lately, unless i am fixing my lady’s puffy or a borrowed item that i want to look real pro. the stuff is clear so once you apply it it doesn’t scream hobo patch like duct or gorrilla.

    • I have a small roll of Tenacious Tape, and have already repaired my down jacket. Seems to be a great product. I am told that there are some ripstop adhesive fabrics available for parachutes/parasails. Might be worth investigating.

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