Two stops in Amsterdam

De Vakantiefietser

WPBlog001 657

De Vakantiefietser has an extensive supply of global cycletouring equipment and information, including: maps and guidebooks, camping gear, lighting, luggage, and complete bicycles from Santos, Idworx and VSF fahrradmanufaktur.

WPBlog001 650

WPBlog001 651

WPBlog001 654

WPBlog001 652

WPBlog001 653

WPBlog001 655

WPBlog001 656

The shop is located at: Westerstraat 2161015 MS, Amsterdam, NL

Reisboekhandel Pied à Terre

WPBlog001 631

Reisboekhandel Pied à Terre stocks an extensive collection of maps and travel guidebooks, for local and global adventures.  This is an especially good place to research European routes and adventures.

WPBlog001 658

WPBlog001 661

WPBlog001 662

WPBlog001 663

WPBlog001 668

The bookshop is located at: Overtoom 135-137, Amsterdam, NL

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