The route to Westmalle

WPBlog001 815

The GR5 to the Trappiste brewery at Westmalle Abbey.

WPBlog001 809

WPBlog001 816

WPBlog001 811

WPBlog001 812

WPBlog001 813

WPBlog001 814

WPBlog001 817



3 thoughts on “The route to Westmalle

    • That mysterious liquid, as I’ve said before, is our penance for a sunny winter in ABQ. They say that April was fairly dry here. May is more than making up for it.

  1. OK, I’m officially jealous. And I don’t say that lightly. Westmalle is one of my faves and I have always wanted to ride the trappisten route. I have to admit we lived in Den Haag for 2 years and I never did it. (Iknow, I know…) It was always something that we planned to do ‘someday’ and never did.

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