Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 2

BV 02 Release1

Bunyan Velo, the celebrated grassroots e-magazine by and for real cyclists has returned with a second issue.  This free publication features compositions of words and images from Cass Gilbert, Casey Greene, Joe Cruz, Alex Dunn, Daniel Malloy, Glenn Charles, and Erik Jensen, among others.  This is the healthiest scoop of adventure cycling in any one place, ever!

Lucas Winzenburg, the editor-in-chief and creator of Bunyan Velo has worked hard to compile the efforts of over a dozen riders and writers.  Individually, they each lead busy lives as professors, engineers, velojournalists, fishermen, and cartographers, while Lucas is a full-time student.  This issue includes no more than three advertisements, each as visually stunning as the features, and only from companies with a sense of adventure.  Consider a donation to Bunyan Velo to ensure a healthy and ad-lite future, or purchase a digital copy to enjoy offline.  I just donated $10 towards Issue #3.  Tell your friends! 

BV 02 Release2

Top image: Cass Gilbert; Bottom: Glenn Charles

7 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo, Issue No. 2

    • Thanks Max! Need maps for the Divide? I think I have a set gathering dust somewhere. Last time they got any use I loaned them to a rider from Kremmling, Co to Montana.

      • Oh! I just bought a set from the ACA! That would have been great; thanks for the offer. Riding from Central Colorado down through Cuba, NM or so… maybe further if time permits. Didn’t you live in Albuquerque area for a while? Any suggestions on things not to miss out on in those parts? Trails off the divide that I shouldn’t miss? And while I am asking, in your experience, is the water situation reliable on the divide through NM? Thanks!

      • The water situation is reliable. I have only traveled late season when the days aren’t quite as warm, so you may have greater needs through the day than I experienced. In general, you are never more than a day away from food or tap water anywhere on the Divide, which is part of what makes it so accessible. In two seasons, I’ve still never had the chance to ride from Cuba to Grants, which others have said is their favorite section. However, from Abiqui towards Albuquerque (ride partway to Cuba, then turn off the Divide towards ABQ), I could recommend a route that includes the San Antonio Hot Springs, singletrack at White Mesa, and a ride past the Jemez Pueblo. Also, if you plan to return to CO there is a $50 bus to Denver from ABQ that will take your bike for no extra charge– the El Paso-Los Angeles Limousines.

        I have ridden south from Grants to Silver City, which has some highlights including Pie Town, Zuni Canyon and the El Malpais volcanic remnants south of Grants, and the final day into Silver City through the Gila. If you find the time, this would be a nice addition.

        If time becomes tight, transportation from Cuba to Albuquerque is possible via a $2 RTD bus during the week. They have bike racks on the front of the bus. There is no transportation from Grants to ABQ (you could probably hitch), but it is an easy 50-60 mile ride on 1-40 and frontage roads. If you make it to ABQ, I’ll be able to find a place for you to stay. Let me know when the time comes.

  1. Thanks for all the info Nicolas– the ABQ to Denver bus service is a huge, I was thinking I’d have rent a car, or wait it out for a Craigslist rideshare… I’ll study my maps and figure out where all the spots are that you’ve referred to… I do hope to get to ABQ, and before I do, I’ll be in touch.

    I wish you and your family the best.

    • Chloe, El Paso-Los Angeles Limosines, only $50 from Denver to ABQ. I think the bus runs twice a day. Recommended to buy a ticket in advance, only available in person at the bus station, paid in cash.


      The bus station is on California St., a short walk from downtown Denver. Drops you off on Candelaria and I-25 in ABQ.

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