Nouvelle Belgique

WPBlog001 1106

Belgium is a good place to ride a bike.  The GR trails have been a better host than we could have even imagined.

Thanks to Jo (of the circus), Matthieu and Annelise for welcoming us back into the country.  Thanks to Scott for the fine bikepacking equipment; each day my framebag fits more 75cl beers than the last.  Between Bruxelles and the border of Luxembourg, Lael and I found some hills, soon to become mountains.  Real mountain biking, plus the usual European diversions, coming soon.

WPBlog001 1110

WPBlog001 1114

WPBlog001 1109

WPBlog001 1107

WPBlog001 1108

WPBlog001 1117

WPBlog001 1116

WPBlog001 1112

WPBlog001 1113

WPBlog001 1118

WPBlog001 1115

WPBlog001 1119

WPBlog001 1120

WPBlog001 1121

WPBlog001 1105

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